Instructional Design of the Level 3 English Course for the Virtual Modality

Buitrago García, Hilda Clarena
Lindo Ocampo, Gloria Inés
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Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Cali, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Open Lingua Program
This didactic plan, which starts from the characterization of the instructional design of the English level 3 course of the Open Lingua Program, is an improvement proposal focused on teaching this course online. In this context, the course planning, divided into three specific stages, involved several steps. First, the role of the teacher and students in the process of learning and teaching is very important, and it was defined based on the postulates of some authors. After that, the expected learning evidence was reviewed and edited considering the linguistic competences the students are expected to achieve during the course. Next, some didactic activities are designed to provide the students with the grammar and vocabulary content they need to achieve the learning objectives. Finally, the different technological tools used before, during and after to communicate with students, teach classes, clarify doubts, give feedback, and generate content, among other functions, are described. Undoubtedly, teaching, and learning English as foreign language can greatly improve if adequate technologies and didactic strategies are used when providing online instruction.
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E-Learning , ICT , Instructional Design , Foreign Language Learning , Virtual Tutor