Making Managing Data Easy-Peasy

Buitrago García, Hilda Clarena
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Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Cali, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Licenciatura en Lengua Castellana e Inglés
This class note, made up of three sequenced units, aims at helping both Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia (UCC) teachers and their students to use a variety of tools to find, curate, and manage different kinds of data and references effectively. This will, undoubtedly affect their academic work in a positive way since they can save time and have easier access to more organized and clear information. Whether they teach or take an undergraduate or postgraduate program, this module will increase their efficiency and overall performance. Teachers will be able to help their students navigate databases, necessary for most high-quality academic work, with greater ease. Both conceptual content and practical hands-on activities are provided. This module includes a variety of digital resources, links, tutorials, as well as hands-on and assessment activities. Overall, the quality of education which UCC intends to offer to the whole community can be positively impacted by the content and activities offered in this self-paced and self-managed module.
Palabras clave
Collaborative work , Databases , Data management , Reference managers , Social bookmarkers