Los obstáculos jurídicos que detentan los trabajadores independientes al afiliarse al Sistema Integral de Seguridad Social

Orejuela Saa, Daniel Alejandro
Aguirre Vargas, Diego Alejandro
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Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Derecho, Derecho, Cali
This research aims to develop and identify what are the legal obstacles that independent workers face when joining the comprehensive social security system, bearing in mind that our legal system has evolved substantially with the aim of safeguarding the prerogatives constitutional conferred in our superior statute for the entire social conglomerate, taking into account that for the year 2018 the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development prepared a report on the labor market and social policies in Colombia in 2018, where of the 35 members who are subscribed to said convention, Colombia holds the highest percentage of independent workers in its labor force, since 51.3% of its labor market is made up of these.
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Seguridad social , Obstáculos , Pensión , Vejez , Problemáticas , ARL , Estímulos , Normas , Afiliarse , Trabajador , Independiente