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Title: Factores pedagógicos y psicológicos que inciden en los niños y niñas al realizar la transición de preescolar a primero
Author: Morales Rodríguez, Patricia
Pacheco Sarmiento, Margoire Gineth
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Issue Date: 16-Jan-2019
Advisor / Validator: Triana Mossos, Mónica
Keywords: Primera infancia
Factores psicológicos
Abstract: In the present work we try to take into account the factors that determine what psychological and pedagogical difficulties are present in children who make a transition from early childhood to formal education, and how the processes of the individual are affected in said change. To determine the difficulties, different theories that explain the pedagogical and psychological functioning in the school process at this age are reviewed. This work is born from the concern generated by the difficulties, which children from the first grade of primary school reflect in their daily school development, and what factors are associated with this difficulty. Once the bibliographic review was carried out, the importance of generating strategies that seek to minimize the impact on children entering their basic education, in relation to physical environments, to the methodologies used by the actors involved, to the participation of the family and the evaluative processes that determine the level of students in this stage.
Table Of Contents: 1.Resumen. -- 2. Introducción. -- 3. Objetivo General. -- 4. Justificación. -- 5. Marco Referencial (Estado Del Arte). -- 6. Nivel Internacional. -- 7. Nivel Nacional. -- 8. Marco Teórico. -- 9. Factores Pedagógicos. -- 10. Factores Psicológicos. -- 11. Análisis De La Información. -- 12. Conclusiones. -- 13. Bibliografía.
Program: Especialización en Aprendizaje Escolar y sus Dificultades
Headquarters: Bogotá
Type: Trabajos de grado - Posgrados
Citation: Morales Rodriguez, P. y Pacheco Sarmiento, M. G. (2018). Factores pedagógicos y psicológicos que inciden en los niños y niñas al realizar la transición de preescolar a primero (Tesis de posgrado). Recuperado de:
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