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Title: HLA genes in Barranquilla (North Colombia): Searching for cryptic Amerindian genes
Author: Arnaiz, Antonio
Bayona, Brayan
Palacio, Jose
Hernández Aguirre, Enio Armando
Muñiz, Ester
Campos, Cristina
Juarez, Ignacio
Gomez, Eduardo
Martín, Jose
Silvera, Carlos
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Issue Date: 7-Jun-2018
Keywords: Amerindian
Resume: Investigación sobre las moléculas HLA, para caracterizar geneticamente la población de Barranquilla
Abstract: America First Inhabitants population (Amerindians, Na Dene and Eskimos) underwent a drastic population reduction and gene exchange after Europeans and Africans arrival after 1492 AD. Barranquilla population may be a good model to study present day population admixture in South America. HLA-A, -B and -DRB1 DNA typing has been performed in 188 unrelated individuals originated in the area and speak Spanish language; they showed apparent European/African and mixed characters. HLA genetic European/African features were found and only 1.85% Amerindian one. This contrasts with neighboring Cuban population where 10% HLA Amerindian characters appear.
Program: Medicina
Headquarters: Santa Marta
Type: Artículo
CC Licence: Licencia CC
Citation: Arnaiz, A., Bayona, B., Palacio, J., Hernández, E., Muñiz, E., Campos, C., Juarez, I., Gómez E., Martín, J., Silvera, C. (2017).HLA genes in Barranquilla (North Colombia): Searching for cryptic Amerindian genes. Human immunology, 79, 3-4.
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