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    Diseño del plan estratégico de comunicación peco para la fundación el Carmelo misionero solidario
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2024-11-24) Garcia Prieto, Angy Katherin; FABIO ANDRES RIBERO SALAZAR
    The definition of the strategic communications plan seeks to establish the communicative actions of an internal and external company, considering the objectives, messages, channels, initiatives and audiences to impact, based on the mission, vision and objectives that the entity wants to achieve; having as references strategies, plans and projects established once the proposed problem has been analyzed. Having as its purpose the development and implementation actively among its public of interest. Currently, the Carmelo Misionero Solidario Foundation contributes to the development of those vulnerable populations that require a helping hand that allows them to meet the basic needs of their daily lives, which is why the sisters, lay people and volunteers are at the forefront of the work. promoting activities in the community to strengthen those bonds of solidarity. On digital platforms, there is a great massification of messages that contribute to the dissemination of the activities of kindness and spirit that the foundation carries out and that aims to infect those who can contribute a grain of sand to the cause.
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    Resolución a la problemática: ¿Por qué los funcionarios de la sede Central de la Registraduría Nacional, en la ciudad Bogotá, no usan la red social Viva Engage, como parte de la estrategia de comunicación de la institución?
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2023) López Parra, Giselle Carolina; Ribero Salazar, Fabio Andrés
    Internal social networks have emerged as very important tools and fundamental in the field of entities and/or organizations, transforming with these the how teams collaborate and share information. In this context, we explore the importance and relevance of their implementation, highlighting how these platforms encourage effective communication, strengthen the organizational culture and optimize the flow of knowledge within the company, if the social network already exists as in the case of this project, encouraging and promoting their corresponding use and interaction is key and what is intended. Encouraging the use of internal social networks among officials is crucial to promote agile and collaborative communication. These platforms offer a centralized space where Teams can exchange ideas, share resources, and stay informed about activities, news and news from the organization. Doing so then strengthens the internal cohesion, decision-making processes are accelerated and efficiency is enhanced operational, thus contributing to the achievement of institutional objectives more effectively.
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    Perspectivas de cuatro jefes de programas de la UCC, Campus Bogotá, acerca de las percepciones de una muestra de estudiantes sobre el uso de tutoriales de YouTube para el proceso comunicativo de enseñanza - Aprendizaje
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2023-11-22) Roa Moya , Laura Daniela; John Jairo Molina Roncancio
    The present degree work is mainly focused on the impact of information and communication technologies during the communication and education processes. It highlights the relevance of using audiovisual lessons, especially YouTube tutorials, as teaching methods to improve the teaching-learning quality process and also to encourage the student participation. In order to better understand this phenomenon, we carried out different surveys focused on students that are part from the Journalism’s program at the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Bogotá, and surveys previously conducted by research assistant Paola Andrea Acero Loaiza, in collaboration with research professor John Jairo Molina Roncancio, served as the basis. These surveys were administered to a representative group of students.
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    La Comunicación Social en el Marketing 3.0: Analizar la evolución de la comunicación social en el contexto del marketing 3.0 en Falabella, una empresa de retail en Colombia, a través de una estrategia comunicativa para el Canal en YouTube de Falabella Colombia
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2023-11-23) Acosta Rodríguez, Yina Alejandra; Ribero Salazar, Fabio Andrés
    This research is important because it deals with a central aspect in the process of social communication of a company with its users or customers; this happens around the Chilean company Falabella, applying the characteristics of Marketing of the researcher Philip Kotler. Marketing 3.0 emerged as a response to several factors: new technologies, the potential problems of globalization and the interest of individuals to express their creativity, values and spirituality. Any organization that wants to emerge and thrive in the current market circumstances must learn the fundamental concepts of Marketing 3.0: community building, co-creation and brand integrity. Marketing 3.0 makes use of different communication strategies and continuously takes into account, at all times, what the consumer thinks and requires in order to offer value-based products. In today's age of information and technology, marketing has undergone a constant evolution, and social communication has become a strategic tool to establish meaningful connections with consumers in the context of Marketing 3.0. In this sense, retail companies in Colombia, such as Falabella, face a highly competitive and dynamic market environment, where social communication plays a key role in strengthening brand image and building strong relationships with consumers.
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    El impacto del sensacionalismo en los medios privados de comunicación.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2023-11-23) Lara Moreno, Leidy Johanna; Orlando Arturo Sochimilca Socha
    The present work of Systematic Analysis of Literature analyzes different authors who explored how sensationalism influences the presentation of news and the perception of viewers in private media. It is recognized how certain media use exaggerated and emotional language to increase the audience and visualizations and thus, generate a more significant impact where profits prevail. The paper also examines the social implications of sensationalism in information, highlighting how it can distort objectivity and promote polarization of public opinion. In addition, it discusses possible consequences for the credibility of the media and proposes approaches to promote a more balanced and responsible journalism in a media environment dominated by competition, by public attention.
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    Norma Técnica, Plan de Medios, Para la Pyme Erepa
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2023-11) Valencia Cañas, Yersy Katherine; Molina Roncancio, John Jairo
    This research work analyzes the digital social networks of the gastronomic Pyme EREPA, which is located south of the city of Bogotá, in the Ciudad Montes sector. After the research carried out, a technical standard (media plan) is formulated that covers the internal and external communication of the organization, through offline channels, but mainly emphasis is placed on digital channels which allow information to be transmitted optimally and effective. As a result of the pandemic, social networks became great allies for microentrepreneurs, who saw an opportunity in these tools, since, due to their flexibility and constant evolution, they allowed them to adapt to the needs of consumers.
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    Práctica empresarial apoyo en procesos de comunicación de la Fundación Universitaria para el Desarrollo Humano UNINPAHU
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia. Facultad de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2023-11-22) Espejo Contreras, Erick Santiago; Robelto Cantor, Lida María
    The following work summarizes the practices carried out at the University Foundation for Human Development UNINPAHU, a higher education institution. At UNINPAHU, the practitioner had the valuable opportunity to immerse himself and deepen his knowledge about the world of educational marketing, a dynamic and essential field for the promotion and success of higher education institutions. Throughout this report, observations and activities will be shared highlighting the importance of educational marketing in promoting academic excellence and attracting new students.
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    Práctica empresarial en Canal Capital apoyo en los procesos de Comunicación del Departamento de Producción
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá., 2023-11-22) Canaval Morales , Pablo Andres; Robelto Cantor, Lida María
    The objective of this project is to talk about the communication processes from the production department at Canal Capital and the way in which these complement and relate. This was carried out through a business practice that aims to relate the student to the work environment and apply the concepts learned in their academic training. The channel's production department plays an important role in the formation and generation of audiovisual material for the production of the program that is carried out. For this reason, we had the opportunity to participate in the planning, execution and monitoring of the project and the material generated by journalists. Involvement in these activities allowed a deep understanding of the dynamics of work in an entity for the purpose of the career studied and that allows applying the skills acquired in the academic environment in a work environment.
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    Práctica empresarial: apoyo en las diferentes actividades de comunicación organizacional que desarrolla la Gerencia de Marca & Comunicaciones de Colmena Seguros.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas, Comunicacion Social, Bogota., 2023-11-22) Pachón Cervera, Luis Miguel; Robelto Cantor, Lida María
    In the world of financial services, insurance companies play a critical role in providing security and protection to individuals and organizations in times of uncertainty. That is why communication plays an important role in the success of any organization, and Colmena Seguros is no exception. At a general level, in the insurance sector, where trust and customer perception prevail, effective brand management and communication strategies become essential pillars for achieving business objectives. In this context, this work will delve into the exercise of the professional practices of a social communicator in the Brand and Communications area of ​​Colmena Seguros. Throughout the next pages, you will find the entire process developed by the practitioner, in which step by step he will fulfill the objectives set from his role. It will be a path of learning and support in which the student will discover how a good communication strategy can influence the perception of a company in the market, how to build and maintain a reliable brand, among other things. Professional practices in this area are vital to the success of the insurance company, since the ability to transmit clear messages, build relationships with clients and adapt to emerging trends are factors that make the difference in a competitive sector.
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    Diseño de una estrategia de comunicación digital para la visibilización de los consultorios de la Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia seccional Bogotá.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2023-11-22) Ardila Hernández, Lizeth Dayana; Piedrahita Suarez , Marielly Esther
    This work shows the experience and results obtained in social, business or solidarity practice, as a degree modality, which was developed in the Department of the Cooperative University of Colombia, Bogotá section. The purpose of the practice was carried out in order to make the Clinics visible, through dynamic tactics aimed at persuading the target audience. From the internal process of the practitioner, we sought to provide spaces for learning and innovation that contribute to the achievements of the objectives set by the organization. From the theoretical perspective, the focus of the practices was on educational marketing as a functional tool to address the social needs of the organization. This approach allowed us to identify the importance of educational institutions strategically using educational marketing as a process of connecting, positioning and promoting the services they offer. Therefore, it was established that the practitioner develop his practice process from educational marketing, to generate a construction and production process in the material required for the six offices that the university currently has, thus achieving a significant impact with the community. academics and the general public, effectively communicating the services provided at the institutional level. The term Educational Marketing for the development of practice involved, during the preparation of this work, analyzing terms and findings from the different authors consulted, which serve as references for the execution and formulation of ideas in the Communications Department.