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    Práctica empresarial realizada en la clínica las vegas
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Medellín y Envigado, 2023-03-15) García Osorio, Omar Eduardo; Vivares Molina, María del Carmen; Mesa Franco, Ana Lucía
    This report is taken as support for the support of the work carried out in the professional practices of the student María del Carmen Vivares Molina in the company Clínica Las Vegas, in order to provide the required and necessary information to the communications faculty of the Cooperative University of Colombia headquarters Medellín. These practices were carried out from July 18, 2022 to January 17, 2023, and in them the student was able to reinforce knowledge acquired in each of the subjects and/or modules seen in accordance with the current academic curriculum, finally it was achieved receive good impressions from managers and the direct boss of the company to the student, concluding the process. The present is carried out from the qualitative methodology, believing that subjectivity is the main element in the work of the social sciences, since it is no secret to anyone that social communication is a discipline of this science. When we talk about methodology, it should be understood that we are referring to the method that implies the process by which the investigative process is developed, and as it was said before, being a social science, the results obtained within the investigation are not as decisive as in the objective sciences.
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    Informe práctica laboral en la asociación colombiana de facultades de educación: Ascofade
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Medellín y Envigado, 2023-03-15) Vanegas Sanchéz, Ingrid; Pérez Ortega, Juliana; Mesa Franco, Ana Lucía
    The following document contains the information that allowed a broad understanding of the current status of the social networks of the Colombian Association of Faculties of Education, observing each social network that the organization had, leaving this result as evidence that will help in the future in the increase of methodologies to be used according to the context of the digital channel to which it will be granted a special management and the need it presents. As a product, a report was delivered to the Colombian Association of Faculties of Education with the results of the pre-diagnosis of the survey that was created and conducted within the organization with different areas that make up the human staff, with the support and supervision of the executive director of the association; thus allowing to obtain the information needed.
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    Los medios alternativos de comunicación y la participación ciudadana en Colombia
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas, Comunicación Social, Bogotá., 2023-03-13) Camacho Sánchez, Luis Alberto; Monrroy Castellanos, Cristina
    Alternative media are essential for the dissemination of informative content and of interest to society, respond to particular and collective needs in relation to social, economic, cultural or political problems, and contribute to the development of communities from the regions; on the other hand, there are multiple factors that consolidate alternative communication as a different way of communicating and expressing opinions, these factors are found in citizen participation, a fundamental issue for the development of this work, as a reference are: freedom of expression, opinion, dialogue, among others, which function as a communication bridge between society, the alternative media and the State; The result is to analyze the importance of alternative communication and its close relationship with citizen participation in Colombia. Some time ago in Colombia, people began to talk about alternative communication for various reasons, including the notable distance that existed (and still exists) between rural or more remote regions and the urban areas of large cities such as Bogotá, Medellín, Cali (two completely different worlds within the country); In addition, the lack of policies in favor of communication led to the appearance of independent media that covered these demands of society in relation to the right to access information in an equitable manner.
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    Práctica empresarial realizada en Q’hubo radio Medellín
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Medellín y Envigado, 2023-03-10) Vásquez Arroyave, Cristian Fernando; Mesa Franco, Ana Lucía
    Professional practice is perhaps one of the moments most anticipated by university students when they begin their advanced academic training, but at the same time, where nerves are most manifested by what may be found in the work environment. This is how this experience began as a journalist at Q'hubo Radio Medellín, in which he always sought to acquire more knowledge and strengthen teamwork based on the value of respect in any circumstance.
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    Estrategias de comunicación para la atención a víctimas del conflicto armado en Colombia
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2022) Ávila Ospina, Laura Johana; Orlando Arturo, Sochimilca Socha
    For the victims of the military conflict in Colombia, it has not been easy to efficiently access the aid channels and processes offered by the different entities and agencies designated for this purpose, due to the different conditions that each individual presents. For this, it was necessary to implement guidance tools that allow them to participate in this process of restitution of their rights, for which Law 1448 of 2011 and National Decrees 4155, 4633, 4634 and 4635 were revised, which are in charge of classifying the populations that must be served by the different state entities. From where the population that should be considered a victim was identified, what their rights are, the help, attention, and assistance that they might have, who might be repaired, the different processes of land restitution and restitution of their rights up to the disposition endings. Upon achieving this recognition, an approach was made with the protagonists of the conflict in different spaces to preserve the historical memory and make visible the individual and collective processes they have faced, managing to collect audio-visual material, interviews, and narrations, which were used for the elaboration of the communication strategies. Likewise, the video and the podcasts were made, where the process through which the victims have gone through to approach the organizations or entities and access the solutions that they have offered them was evidenced. Likewise, it was possible to demonstrate the empowerment of the victims of the armed conflict, who today have their own businesses, seeking to rebuild the social fabric, improving their socioeconomic conditions, helping other people in the same condition, building paths that lead them to a more dignified life.
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    Práctica social realizada en la E.S.E. hospital el Carmen de Amalfi
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Medellín y Envigado, 2023-03-02) Taborda Acevedo , Bibiana; Rendón Taborda, Andrés Fernando; Mesa Franco, Ana Lucía
    The professional practices put into action the knowledge acquired by the students throughout their career, through this report it is identified how they are carried out in the E.S.E. Hospital El Carmen of Amalfi. During the year 2021 it was possible to demonstrate the need to strengthen the communications area of said company and through different campaigns and dissemination strategies it was possible to advance in said strengthening. This professional internship and final internship project is part of the need to show the population the internal processes carried out in the hospital on different platforms, since as a public entity the deficit in the dissemination of information was a factor that delayed the processes to convene people and was not successful enough to keep the community informed. During the practices, different graphic strategies were carried out, especially through social networks. These strategies had as their main focus awareness in different important areas of the hospital, such as early childhood, growth and development, pregnancy, methods of planning, disease prevention, personal care, covid-19 and vaccination in general. Likewise, several strategies were focused on making the institution more friendly, making known first-hand through multimedia content the different dependencies that the E.S.E. El Carmen Hospital. During the time practiced, the need to educate the community on health issues such as correct hand washing due to COVID-19, maternity, sexually transmitted diseases and the services in general offered by the hospital was evident, since , were topics of which the population had partial knowledge and it was evidenced in conjunction with the communications area that it was essential to give it visibility, for this reason, the final internship proposal was based on learning campaigns to keep people updated and at the same time. At the end of said practiced period, the practitioner was given the creation of a campaign on HIV in the municipality of Amalfi, based on a media strategy carried out in the main digital channels of the entity and lasted one week.
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    Informe auxiliar de investigación procesos comunicativos del universo narrativo de la transmedia
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2017) Solano Tibaquicha, Lizet Carolina; Robelto Canto, Lida María
    This research report explores the communicative processes of the narrative universe of transmedia, to reveal the construction of a transmedia product. It’s proposed to determine a creative and different series that contains a great history, to classify an order of the processes, of which they are used correctly. Through a deepening in works of literature and academic works, for this the different theorists and their determined theories were studied. Among the authors it’s found Henry Jenkins, the pioneer of transmedia and the new culture of convergence. A construction of the term “nuevos media” by María Helena Giraldo, expert in the technologies of information, Carlos Scolari expert in digital media, analyzing the hypermediations in the transmedia product. Marie-Lauren Ryan from Switzerland, share her concept of transmedia. In the investigation report it reflects through the results that a transmedia product is the base to new experiences with the viewers, that can be included beyond of the history as a new form of communicate, interact and relate.
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    Comunicación responsable: la incidencia de los medios de comunicación en la representación de personas Trans
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2022) Lopez Henao, Angie Natalia; Reina Martinez, Crhistopher Slash; Maira Inés Ortiz Mendoza
    The main objective of this research was to identify the representations promoted by the media about transgender people and their implications in the reproduction of negative stereotypes that may affect their quality of life, based on a documentary review of research within the 2010-2022 time frame. From a systematic analysis of literature, it was possible to understand how the stereotypes of villain, victim or subject of ridicule have undermined the social possibilities of a dignified life and how invisibilization has contributed to the creation of erroneous imaginaries that have perpetuated a series of structural and direct violence against them. Thus, this research investigates the role of the media in the development of social dynamics and explores the representation made by the press and television, and explores the way in which trans activism has managed to conquer different spaces, including cinema and audiovisual production.
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    Participación de la mujer en el periodismo deportivo en Latinoamérica.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2022) Briceño Piraquive, Angie Berenice; Ortiz Mendoza, Maira Inés
    The present document dates back to the process of insertion of women in sports journalism in the various media, their history of struggle to reach a position in today’s society, the studies carried out by authors in relevance with the first sports journalists and players, as the machismo has been left aside and has given way to the woman to be a participant of the sport. The perception of women’s sports journalism in social networks how it is handled in the different media and the scope it has.
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    La importancia de la comunicación de crisis en Pymes en tiempos de COVID 19
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2021-12-09) Ortiz Urazán, Viviana lizeth; Monroy Castellanos, Cristina
    The importance of crisis communication in the context of COVID-19 aims to be a research text that brings the reader closer to the need that any company has as an organic system to communicate with its environment to prevail even in crises, for this it seeks to appeal by synthesizing the communicative uses within the company, emphasizing the importance of professional support to improve results. Through this systematic analysis of literature, the reader will be able to relate to relevant concepts to understand why the support of a communication professional is so necessary for crisis communication management, such as the importance of establishing communication channels with each of their audiences to keep their company current in the face of the challenges of the environment.