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Title: Green engineering focused on ecotourism as an environmental strategy management
Author: Mosquera Laverde, William Eduardo
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Issue Date: 30-May-2018
Keywords: Gestión socioecologica
Resume: Articulo sobre el desarrollo economico y social de las zonas turisticas de colombia en donde se pueda implementar el modelo ecoturistico para que contribuya al crecimiento del pais
Abstract: Due to the results of analysis of ecotourism in Colombia, [1] he found the need to define work priorities in all tourism managers of tourist areas or environmental reserve in Colombia, for which , the prospective study was structured in the areas where the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia (UCC) has influence, choosing seven specific places that have impacted conservation zones by anthropogenic activities or natural parks in the vicinity, environmental designing, strategic and organizational management with processes of green engineering that allow to have the positive view of the state entities of control and promotion in charge of PROCOLOMBIA and nationally the Tourist Promotion Fund [2]. Therefore, prospective tools are applied to experts from the regions to achieve optimal environmental management of tourism managers and that ecotourism supports environmental education and economic development of the regions through integrated schemes such as Employee Fund, Mutual Associations, Solidarity Companies and Community Companies [3].
Program: Administración de Empresas
Headquarters: Bogotá
Type: Artículo
CC Licence: Licencia CC
Citation: Mosquera-Laverde, W. E., Vásquez-Bernal, O. A., & Gómez-Espinosa, C. P. (2018). Green engineering focused on ecotourism as an environmental strategy management. Global Journal of Engineering Education, 20(2), 132–139. Retrieved from
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