Teaching Dictionary Skills through Online Bilingual Dictionaries

Buitrago-García, Hilda Clarena
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Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Licenciatura en Lengua Castellana e Inglés, Cali
This module, aimed at helping both English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers and their students, is the result of a qualitative, applied, transversal and constructivist research conducted with Open Lingua teachers. One of the objectives of said research was to establish the factors that favored and hindered the curriculum integration of open access bilingual dictionaries in that specific EFL context in order to design and implement some pedagogical and didactic initiatives that would foster the effective use of those lexical tools. The present module was a fundamental element within the series of proposals that arose along the research. Its main objective was to provide the teachers with the necessary conceptual knowledge and didactic strategies and resources to teach their students how to use that kind of online dictionary with higher degrees of ease, enjoyment, and efficiency, and, thus, to reduce the frequency of look up errors. This module offers a variety of digital resources, handouts, and hands-on and assessment activities that can greatly facilitate their job when teaching dictionary skills to their students.
Palabras clave
Dictionary skills , Lexical tools , Online bilingual dictionaries , Teaching English as a foreign language