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Title: Bioinspired Topographic Surface Modification of Biomaterials
Author: Arango-Santander, Santiago
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Issue Date: 24-Mar-2022
Keywords: Modificación de superficies
Hoja de loto
Adhesión bacteriana
Comportamiento celular
Abstract: Physical surface modification is an approach that has been investigated over the last decade to reduce bacterial adhesion and improve cell attachment to biomaterials. Many techniques have been reported to modify surfaces, including the use of natural sources as inspiration to fabricate topographies on artificial surfaces. Biomimetics is a tool to take advantage of nature to solve human problems. Physical surface modification using animal and vegetal topographies as inspiration to reduce bacterial adhesion and improve cell attachment has been investigated in the last years, and the results have been very promising. However, just a few animal and plant surfaces have been used to modify the surface of biomaterials with these objectives, and only a small number of bacterial species and cell types have been tested. The purpose of this review is to present the most current results on topographic surface modification using animal and plant surfaces as inspiration to modify the surface of biomedical materials with the objective of reducing bacterial adhesion and improving cell behavior
Program: Especialización en Ortodoncia
Headquarters: Medellín
Publisher: Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud, Odontología, Medellín y Envigado
metadata.dc.type: Artículo
Citation: Arango-Santander, S. (2022) Bioinspired Topographic Surface Modification of Biomaterials. Materials 2022;15:2383.
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