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Title: Ausentismo y complicaciones de salud en usuarios de programas de hipertensión arterial de Santa Marta (Colombia)
Author: Sanchez Serrano, Brigith Paola
Gonzalez Ruiz, Gisela Esther
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Issue Date: 2017
Keywords: Complications
Abstract: Objective: List the factors and complications of patients enrolled in the hypertension program eight outpatient centers Santa Marta. Methodology: descriptive, mixed and multicentric study, population composed by 24 programs of prevention and control of arterial hypertension, selected random form 30%, (8) of them; from 736 cases of “not assistants”, there was calculated a size of sample of 254 value risen up to 300 to reduce the error of estimation. The information was collected through a questionnaire that identified the conditions of application of the programs, database of “not assistants” and application of semi-structured interviews. Results: the percentage of unfulfillment of the conditions of hypertension programs was of (9%); the record of absenteeism of inscribed patients of (35,62%); the principal factors that motivated the absenteeism performed institutional order (32,6%), personnel (26,2%), socioeconomic (8.5%) and on the other hand to alternative treatments (9,4%); the shown complications were related they are: angina pectoris (34,1%), renal alterations (29,2%) and heart attacks (9.7%). Conclusions: despite the efforts carried out by health agencies for prevention and control of hypertension, it is still necessary to develop new strategies to reduce the rate of absenteeism of enrolled patients to these programs and thus contribute positively reducing rates of health complications. © 2017, Universidad del Norte. All rights reserved.
Type: Artículo
Citation: Serrano BS,Ruiz GG. Ausentismo y complicaciones de salud en usuarios de programas de hipertensión arterial de Santa Marta (Colombia). Salud Uninorte. 2017. 33. (2):p. 178-186. .
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