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Title: Attempted suicide in a pediatric population, alarming reality
Author: Jiménez Quenguan M.
Hidalgo Bravo, Jesus Alfredo
Camargo Santacruz C.
Dulce Rosero P.B.
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Issue Date: 2014
Keywords: Attempted suicide
Characterization of cases
Community intervention
Pediatric community at risk
Abstract: This article presents the research process that led to the clinical characterization of cases of attempted suicide in the pediatric population treated at the Hospital Infantil Los Angeles in Pasto, between June 2005 and June 2011. 242 records were studied, from a perspective of the general - including clinical and legal - aspects, thus allowing a conceptualization of the term suicide. The description of certain signs and symptoms characteristic of those who have attempted suicide was essential in contributing to identify some possible causes for further understanding this phenomenon, based on the study of 15 variables. The results evidence a progressive increase in the cases of attempted suicide in the pedriatic population, particularly in females, and between 13 and 16 years of age. This situation has developed to a problem that is very difficult to treat; for this reason, it is essential to continue researching, as well as to establish interdisciplinary groups of professionals who can address the problem and create relevant and comprehensive treatments regarding this phenomenon.
Type: Artículo
Citation: Jiménez M,Hidalgo J,Camargo C,Dulce PB. Attempted suicide in a pediatric population, alarming reality. Rev. Cienc. Salud. 2014. 12. (1):p. 59-92. .
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