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Title: Responsabilidad social de las empresas agroindustriales del sector arrocero en Villavicencio Colombia
Author: Obando Bastidas, Jorge Alejandro
Montenegro Coral, Franco Andres
Bohórquez-Barbosa T.M.
Figueroa-Enciso S.M.
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Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: agroindustry
corporate social responsibility
crop production
industrial performance
multivariate analysis
Abstract: The Social Entrepreneurship (SE) in the different organizations evidences the human rights and nature protection, which depend on the collective benefit. The aim proposes to evaluate the social responsibility assumed by the rice companies of the agroindustrial sector in Villavicencio, in the factors related to environmental pollution, health, education and housing for the different actors involved in this labor context. These elements are assumed by the agricultural industries sector in Villavicencio, especially by the rice companies. In order to accomplish the aim of this project, 700 structured Likerttype surveys were applied to the surrounding community and to the workers of these companies. As well, by using the correspondence analysis multivariate statistical method was possible to observe low social engagement in all aspects, and a slight engagement for the workers. Indicated from the community and from the workers, the environment is one of the main aspects with lower support. © 2019, Universidad del Zulia. All rights reserved.
Publisher: Universidad del Zulia
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Citation: Obando JA,Franco A,Bohórquez TM,Figueroa SM. Responsabilidad social de las empresas agroindustriales del sector arrocero en Villavicencio Colombia. Rev. Venez. Gerencia. 2019. 24. (87):.
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