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Title: Calidad de vida relacionada con la salud en adultos con fibromialgia, 2012
Author: Cardona-Arias J.A.
León Mira, Vanessa
Cardona Tapias, Alejandro Antonio
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Issue Date: 2013
Keywords: adult
cross-sectional study
disease association
educational status
Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire
health survey
life expectancy
major clinical study
patient monitoring
quality of life
scoring system
social status
Abstract: Introduction: Fibromyalgia is public health problem for the impact in of the functional capabilities of patients, its high prevalence, treatment costs and the deterioration of the quality of life of the individual and his family. Objective: To describe the health related quality of life (HRQOL) and its association with demographic, socioeconomic and clinical conditions in adults with fibromyalgia in Medellín. Materials and methods: Cross-sectional study in 100 adults with fibromyalgia. A survey and FIQ were applied. The analysis was performed with proportions, summary measures, confidence intervals, t Student, U Mann-Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis, ANOVA and multiple linear regression. Results: 92% were women, the prevalence of comorbility was 81%. The dimensions of the FIQ Physical Function presented the most favorable outcome, while poorer scores were in Pain, Fatigue and Feeling good, global HRQoL score was 60,5. Some factors associated with HRQoL were age, income, education, occupation and health system affiliation. According to the regression models the perceived health is the most important factor for HRQOL in fibromyalgia and the variables included in each dimension of FIQ showed coefficients of determination between 14% and 39%. Conclusion: HRQL was low in the study group, its measurement is of great importance to design, implement, monitor and evaluate programs for prevention, care and rehabilitation, and complement traditional measures of morbidity, mortality and life expectancy. Copyright © 2013, Asociación Colombiana de Reumatología.
Publisher: Asociación Colombiana de Reumatología
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Citation: Cardona JA,León V,Cardona AA. Calidad de vida relacionada con la salud en adultos con fibromialgia, 2012. Rev. Colomb. Reumatol. 2013. 20. (1):p. 19-29. .
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