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Title: Variables de Influencia en la Capacidad de Aprendizaje. Un Análisis por Conglomerados y Componentes Principales
Author: Gallego Cossio, Laura Constanza
Araque De Los Rios, Oscar Javier
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Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: Multivariant analysis
Correlation matrix
Educational institutions
Higher education institutions
Institutional policies
Learning capabilities
Multi variate analysis
Multivariate techniques
Principal component analysis
Abstract: The purpose of this manuscript is to determine the correlation between the variables that enhance the learning capability associated with the development of research in Higher Education Institutions. For this purpose, the multivariate analysis of clusters of variables using the SPSS software is applied. From the ward method for cluster grouping and square Euclidean distance interval, the groups that are formed are identified. This selection of clusters is corroborated with the multivariate technique of principal component analysis, with an analysis of KMO correlation matrix (Kaiser, Meyer and Olkin) and Bartlett's sphericity test. The analysis showed that the learning capability presents a strong interaction with the external sector, reflected by the high level of relationship between alliances and institutional policies and of these with the development of agreements. The training and graduate training of researchers and the monitoring of knowledge present a lower level of correlation with the other variables. © 2019 Centro de Informacion Tecnologica. All Rights Reserved.
Type: Artículo
Citation: GALLEGO L,ARAQUE O. Variables de Influencia en la Capacidad de Aprendizaje. Un Análisis por Conglomerados y Componentes Principales. Inf Tecnológica. 2019. 30. (2):p. 257-264. .
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