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dc.creatorSimanca Herrera, Fredys Alberto-
dc.creatorCortes Mendez, Jairo Augusto-
dc.creatorCastro Fernandez, Mario Fernando-
dc.creatorPaez Paez, Jaime Alberto-
dc.creatorMontenegro Marin, Carlos Enrique-
dc.creatorPalacios J.J.-
dc.description.abstractResearch article "Social and institutional economic variables of greatest influence on the secondgeneration indicators related to the water resource and its management", which was financed by CONADI in 2015. This work shows how functions implemented in PHP and MySql for determining the Water Quality Index (WQI) established by the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM) (2011). It starts by the data and measurements collection at different locations in the Bogotá river basin. ©
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dc.publisherRevista Espacioses
dc.subjectSoftware applied to WQIes
dc.subjectWater qualityes
dc.subjectWQI analysises
dc.titleFunction model for calculating the Water Quality Index - WQIes
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationSimanca F,Cortes J,Castro M,Páez J,Montenegro C,Palacios JJ. Function model for calculating the Water Quality Index - WQI. Espacios. 2019. 40. (11):p. 1-16. .es
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