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Title: La Gobernanza del agua y su calidad en tres acueductos de Villavicencio (Colombia)
Author: Obando Bastidas, Jorge Alejandro
Murillo Agudelo, Diego Fernando
Hernandez Lafont, Camilo Andres
Torres, Dayhana
Cardenas Garcia, Dario
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Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: Gobernance
Water contamination
Water quality and aqueducts
Abstract: Water governance proposes the taking of decisions that lead to the appropriation of a good service. The aim is to analyse the aspects related to this issue in relation to the quality of the liquid and its impact on health in households in commune 8 of Villavicencio Colombia. DANE data, laboratory results carried out by the Secretary of Health of the Department of Meta and a survey applied to 600 people were analyzed. As a result, problems related to potability, care of aqueducts, water quality and scarce citizen participation are factors that propose a bad state of governance in this context. © 2019 Revista ESPACIOS.
Type: Artículo
Citation: Obando JA,Murillo DF,Hernandez CA,Torres DM,Cardenas D. La Gobernanza del agua y su calidad en tres acueductos de Villavicencio (Colombia). Espacios. 2019. 40. (30):.
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