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Title: Exact solutions for a nonlinear model
Author: Hernández J.E.C.
Salas A.H.
Lugo J.G.E.
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Issue Date: 2010
Keywords: Josephson junctions
Non linear PDE
Perturbed equations
Sine-Gordon equation
Soliton solution
Traveling wave solution
Aircraft engines
Josephson junction devices
Partial differential equations
Nonlinear equations
Abstract: In this paper we show new exact solutions for a type of generalized sine-Gordon equation which is obtained by constructing a Lagrange function for a dynamical coupled system of oscillators. We convert it into a nonlinear system by perturbing the potential energy from a point of view of an approach proposed by Fermi [1]. © 2009 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
Type: Artículo
Citation: Hernández JEC,Salas AH,Lugo JGE. Exact solutions for a nonlinear model. Appl Math Comput. 2010. 217. (4):p. 1646-1651. .
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