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Title: Prevalencia y factores asociados a osteoporosis en pacientes de Santa Marta (Colombia)
Author: Gonzalez Ruiz, Gisela Esther
Álvarez-Miño L.
Borre Ortiz, Yeis Miguel
Rivas Oduber, Elimiled
Serrano Angarita, Nini Sorell
Tavera Galeano, Nivalysay
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Issue Date: 2016
Keywords: Bone
Risk factor
Abstract: Objective: To identify the prevalence and factors associated with osteoporosis in a group of patients of Santa Marta. Materials and Method: Retrospective descriptive and correlational study in a population of 406 patients from a total of 1486 consultants. Results: The prevalence found was 27.32; associated factors were: age higher than 50 years (p= 0.3405), female gender (p= 0.3405), no physical exercise (p= 0.011), parity (p= 0, 0001). Statistical association was found between osteoporosis and diseases of the eye and adnexa (p= 0.0415), by classification International Council Disease. Conclusions: The prevalence of osteoporosis was 27.32%. Age, sedentary lifestyle, multiparity, diseases of the eye and its annexes, the background to ginecobst and gallbladder surgeries were statistically significant risk factors for developing osteoporosis. © Servicio de Publicaciones - Universidad de Murcia.
Type: Artículo
Citation: González GE,Álvarez L,Borré YM,Rivas E,Serrano NS,Tavera N. Prevalencia y factores asociados a osteoporosis en pacientes de Santa Marta (Colombia). Enferm. Global. 2016. 15. (1):p. 153-163. .
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