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Title: Thermodynamic Study of the Solubility of Benzoin in Ethyl Acetate (1)+Ethanol (2) Mixtures
Author: Delgado, Daniel Ricardo
Caviedes Rubio, Diego Ivan
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Issue Date: 2019
Keywords: bezoin,solubility(ethyl aceyban acree model tate+water) mixtures jou
Abstract: The equilibrium solubilities of benzoin (3) in ethyl acetate+ethanol mixtures were determined at several temperatures from 283.15-323.15 K. The Gibbs energy, enthalpy and entropy of solution and of mixing were obtained from these solubility data
Type: Artículo
Citation: DELGADO D,Rubio DIC. Thermodynamic Study of the Solubility of Benzoin in Ethyl Acetate (1)+Ethanol (2) Mixtures. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. 2019. 14. (14):p. 4951-4960. .
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