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Title: Prevalence of acne in students of eighth through eleventh of el retiro-antioquia and associated perceptions
Author: Cardona Arias, Jaiberth Antonio
Álvarez Medina, María Camila
Martínez Valencia, Diana Marcela
Cruz Tobon, Ana Maria
Vallejo Patiño, María Manuela
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Issue Date: 2014
Keywords: acne
attitude to health
cross-sectional study
eating habit
health promotion
major clinical study
personal hygiene
quantitative analysis
Abstract: Introduction: acne is a health problem with high frequency and serious psychosocial effects in adolescents. Objective: to analyze the prevalence of acne in students from eighth to eleventh of a Colombian municipality and its association with knowledge and practices related to the disease. Materials and Methods: cross-sectional study on 318 students at Retiro, Antioquia. The analysis was based on summary measures, frequencies, chi square test, odds ratios and multivariate binary logistic regression in SPSS 21. Results: the prevalence of acne was 67%, the main definition of acne was inflammation and the main cause the hormonal, the main factors that could cause acne alluded were fried consumption (80%), hygiene problems (59%), consumption of sweets or using makeup (58%), stress (39%) and lack of sleep (17%). 72% of students have used acne medications, only 16% have had consultation with a health professional and 55% reported decreased self-esteem by injuries. Statistical association was found in the prevalence of acne with knowledge on the etiology, low self-esteem and substance use treatment. Conclusion: this study shown a high prevalence of acne, being major in students with knowledge wrong, low consulting the medical and psychosocial impairment, this highlights the need to implement measures of attention, control, education and health promotion in higher-risk subgroups identified in this study. © iMedPub.
Type: Artículo
Citation: Cardona JA,Álvarez MC,Martínez DM,Cruz AM,Vallejo MM. Prevalence of acne in students of eighth through eleventh of el retiro-antioquia and associated perceptions. Arch. Med. 2014. 10. (1):.
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