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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2021The first report of porcine parvovirus 7 (PPV7) in Colombia demonstrates the presence of variants associated with modifications at the level of the VP2-capsid proteinVargas Bermudez, Diana; Rendon Marin, Santiago; Ruiz Saenz, Julián; Mogollon, Jose; Jaime, Jairo
Sep-2021Canine Morbillivirus from Colombian Lineage Exhibits In Silico and In Vitro Potential to Infect Human CellsRendon Marin, Santiago; Quintero Gil, Carolina; Guerra, Diego; Muskus, Carlos; Ruiz Sáenz, Julian
Jan-2021Antiviral Role of Phenolic Compounds against Dengue Virus: A ReviewLoaiza Cano, Vanessa; Monsalve-Escudero, Laura Milena; Martinez-Gutierrez, Marlen; de Souza, Damião Pergentin
Jun-2021Wa-1 Equine-Like G3P [8] Rotavirus from a Child with Diarrhea in ColombiaMartínez Gutiérrez, Marlen; Hernandez, Estiven; Rendon Marin, Santiago; Ruiz Saenz, Julian
Jul-2020Resultados preliminares de investigación: potencial antiviral de compuestos di-halogenados derivados de la L-tirosina contra CHIKVLoaiza Cano, Vanessa; Pastrana Restrepo, Manuel; Quintero Gil, Diana Carolina; Galeano, Elkin; Martínez Gutiérrez, Marlen
Jun-2021The Grass Was Greener-Climate Change, One Health, and the High Hopes to Mitigate COVID-19, Avian Influenza, and other Zoonotic Emerging DiseasesBonilla Aldana, Diana; Faccini Martínez, Alvaro; Vallejo-Timaran, Dario; Bocanegra, Flor; Ruiz Saenz, Julian; Paniz Mondolfi, Alberto; Rodriguez-Morales, Alfonso; Suarez, Jose
Jan-2021SARS CoV-2 Spike protein in silico interaction with ACE2 receptors from wild and domestic speciesRendon Marin, Santiago; Martinez Gutierrez, Marlen; Whittaker, Gary; Jaimes, Javier Andres; Ruiz Saenz, Julian
16-Oct-2020First detection and full genomic analysis of Canine Circovirus in CPV-2 infected dogs in Colombia, South AmericaGiraldo Ramirez, Sebastian; Rendon Marin, Santiago; Vargas Bermudez, Diana Susana; Jaime, Jairo; Ruiz Saenz, Julian
Apr-2021A concise review on certain important veterinary viruses in the AmericasGiraldo Ramirez, Sebastian; Rendon Marin, Santiago; Ruiz Saenz, Julian
May-2021Phylogenetic and evolutionary analysis of dengue virus serotypes circulating at the Colombian–Venezuelan border during 2015–2016 and 2018–2019Carrillo-Hernández, Marlen; Ruiz Saenz, Julian; Jaimes, Lucy; Robledo, Sara; Martínez Gutierrez, Marlen