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Title: Brief Current Context of the Types of Electronic Commerce in Colombia
Author: Robayo Botiva, Diana María
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Issue Date: Apr-2021
Keywords: Comercio electrónico
Comercio electrónico local
Comercio electrónico móvil
Comercio electrónico social
Tipos de comercio electrónico
Abstract: In the current context, e-commerce has improved significantly as consumers have increased online shopping in different sectors of the economy. Therefore, the term “e-commerce” is becoming increasingly well-known and relevant for conducting business transactions. In addition, the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the extreme growth of e-commerce, and in the long term it will be a vital part of companies to achieve a greater competitive advantage as it offers benefits to the end consumer. However, it is important to note that there will be technological and non-technological limitations that will affect its growth. Nevertheless, the advance of information and communication technologies (ICTS) will tend to correct these limitations, consolidating the generalized increase of e-commerce worldwide. Consequently, it is pertinent that students of economics, administrative and accounting sciences, engineering, among others, expand their knowledge in e-commerce and thus be at the forefront of the different issues surrounding the digital transformation in companies and the digital economy.
Table Of Contents: 1. Introduction. -- 2. Types of E-commerce. -- 3. Relative to the Size of E-commerce. -- 4. Other types of E-commerce. -- 5. Statistics E-commerce Colombia 2020. -- 6. Epilogue. -- 7. References.
Program: Administración de Empresas
Headquarters: Villavicencio
Type: Lecturas Críticas
Citation: Robayo-Botiva, D. M. (2021). Brief Current Context of the Types of Electronic Commerce in Colombia. (Generación de contenido impreso n.° 01). Ediciones Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia. Doi:
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