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Title: Emprendimiento en la sociedad
Author: Barraza Doria, Alexandra Milena
Bernal Díaz, Luz Elena
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Issue Date: 9-Jan-2021
Advisor / Validator: Hernández Arteaga, Isabel
Keywords: Emprendimiento social
Emprendedores sociales
Emprendimiento y educación
Innovación social
Resume: El tema del emprendimiento en la sociedad ha sido estudiado por varios autores que aportan teóricamente y desde sus experiencias, lo que ha permitido construir un constructo de conocimientos en este tema relevante en la actualidad.
Abstract: The topic of entrepreneurship in society has been studied by several authors who contribute theoretically and from their experiences, which has allowed the construction of a knowledge construct on this relevant topic today. Objective identify the theoretical perspectives on social entrepreneurship, from the documentary review on the subject. Methodology was oriented from the qualitative paradigm, the hermeneutical approach and the document review method; articles from the last decade were reviewed. Results, aspects of great importance were detailed in the conceptualization of entrepreneurship and its relationship with society; Cardinally highlighting the characteristics that social entrepreneurs possess, this being the purpose of this article. The authors reviewed in their entirety agree in stating that social entrepreneurship has the particularity of its direct relationship with vulnerable communities, that is, it is aimed at the recognition of existing problems in society and the projection of effective solutions, being clear that, its actions are carried out without profit motive; This is developed for the benefit of the members of the social communities involved. For their part, the characteristics of the social entrepreneur correspond to the characteristics that identify all entrepreneurs in general; However, this must have a high level of sensitivity for the other, for their needs, shortcomings and limitations, but also for their desires, illusions and hopes. Conclusion, social entrepreneurship is linked to the needs and demands of communities, generally in conditions of vulnerability and the social entrepreneur is that professional, but, above all, that human being who is willing to work in favor of solving social needs; in this case it becomes an agent of social change; education in the 21st century has the function of training entrepreneurs who transform society.
Program: Maestría en Dificultades del Aprendizaje
Headquarters: Bogotá
Type: Trabajos de grado - Posgrados
Citation: Barraza Doria, A. M. y Bernal Díaz, L. E. (2021). Emprendimiento en la sociedad [Tesis de posgrado, Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia]. Repositorio Institucional UCC.
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