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Title: Formative Assessment, using Portfolios in the EFL Classroom to Improve writing skills.
Author: Gonzalez Meneses, Ivonne Nathalia
Correa Forero, Ricardo
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Issue Date: 4-Feb-2021
Advisor / Validator: Murcia, Johana Lizette
Keywords: Evaluación formativa
Observación participativa
Abstract: Formative assessment should be the main purpose nowadays in schools, and students´ interest must lie in the quality of the information given by teachers and the way this information is been taught, and not in the manner they are assessed or evaluated. The quantity and the quality of the knowledge that students could receive in classrooms is the only significant thing that matters in the whole educational process. Over the years there have been different techniques to enhance the teaching processes at school resulting in bad, regular, or excellent approaches at the time of improving the students’ competencies and skills. This research was an attempt to determine the importance of using portfolios as a tool of the formative assessment to improve writing skills. Using instruments like participant observation and rubrics, this research pretends to show an interesting way to implement strategies to improve second-grade students´ writing skills. Keeping in mind how difficult is teaching English to a public-type population, this paper shows some simple teaching strategies that can be applied to primary children, particularly to second-grade students, to foster a better approach to assess using formative assessment.
Program: Licenciatura en Lengua Castellana e Inglés
Headquarters: Bucaramanga
Type: Trabajos de grado - Pregrado
Citation: González Meneses, I. N. y Correa Forero, R. (2021). Formative Assessment, using Portfolios in the EFL Classroom to Improve writing skills. [Tesis de pregrado, Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia]. Repositorio Institucional UCC.
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