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Title: Antiviral Role of Phenolic Compounds against Dengue Virus: A Review
Author: Loaiza Cano, Vanessa
Monsalve-Escudero, Laura Milena
Martinez-Gutierrez, Marlen
de Souza, Damião Pergentin
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Issue Date: Jan-2021
Keywords: Natural products
Medicinal plants
Dengue virus
Resume: Phenolic compounds have been related to multiple biological activities, and the antiviral effect of these compounds has been demonstrated in several viral models of public health concern. In this review, we show the antiviral role of phenolic compounds against dengue virus (DENV), the most widespread arbovirus globally that, after its re-emergence, has caused multiple epidemic outbreaks, especially in the last two years. Twenty phenolic compounds with anti-DENV activity are discussed, including the multiple mechanisms of action, such as those directed against viral particles or viral proteins, host proteins or pathways related to the productive replication viral cycle and the spread of the infection.
Program: Medicina veterinaria y zootecnia
Headquarters: Bucaramanga
Type: Artículos Científicos
Citation: Loaiza-Cano, Vanessa; Monsalve-Escudero, Laura M.; Filho, Carlos d.S.M.B.; Martinez-Gutierrez, Marlen; Sousa, Damião P.d. 2021. "Antiviral Role of Phenolic Compounds against Dengue Virus: A Review" Biomolecules 11, no. 1: 11.
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