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dc.creatorCruz-González, Ana María-
dc.creatorVargas-Santana, Martha Sofía-
dc.creatorOrtiz, Claudia Patricia-
dc.creatorCerquera, Néstor Enrique-
dc.creatorDelgado, Daniel Ricardo-
dc.creatorMartínez, Fleming-
dc.creatorJouyban, Abolghasem-
dc.creatorAcree Jr, William E.-
dc.descriptionSe informa la solubilidad en equilibrio de la sulfadiazina (SD) en mezclas de {etilenglicol (EG) (1) + agua (2)} a temperaturas de (278,15 a 318,15) K. La solubilidad de la fracción molar de SD ( x 3 ) aumenta con el aumento de temperatura y también aumenta con el aumento de la proporción de EG. Varía de 4.81 × 10 −6 en agua pura a 5.32 × 10 −4en EG puro a 298,15 K. El comportamiento de solubilidad se correlacionó con el modelo log-lineal extendido de Yalkowsky, el modelo de Jouyban-Acree y el modelo de Jouyban-Acree-van't Hoff y las desviaciones porcentuales medias obtenidas son 43,6%, 7,0% y 7,1%, respectivamente. A partir de la variación de la solubilidad con la temperatura, se realizó el análisis termodinámico aparente de disolución y mezcla en todas las mezclas y disolventes puros. Basado en las integrales inversas de Kirkwood-Buff (IKBI) se observa que SD se solvata preferentemente con agua en mezclas ricas en agua (0,00 < x 1 <0,24) pero preferentemente se solvata con EG en el intervalo (0,24 < x 1 <1,00).es
dc.description.abstractThe equilibrium solubility of sulfadiazine (SD) in {ethylene glycol (EG) (1) + water (2)} mixtures at temperatures from (278.15 to 318.15) K is reported. Mole fraction solubility of SD (x3) increases with temperature arising and also increases with the EG proportion increasing. It varies from 4.81 × 10−6 in neat water to 5.32 × 10−4 in neat EG at 298.15 K. Solubility behavior was correlated by the extended log-linear model of Yalkowsky, the Jouyban-Acree model, and Jouyban-Acree-van't Hoff model and the obtained mean percentage deviations are 43.6%, 7.0% and 7.1%, respectively. From the variation of solubility with temperature the apparent thermodynamic analysis of dissolution and mixing was performed in all the mixtures and neat solvents. Based on the inverse Kirkwood-Buff integrals (IKBI) is observed that SD is preferentially solvated by water in water-rich mixtures (0.00 < x1 < 0.24) but preferentially solvated by EG in the interval (0.24 < x1 < 1.00).es
dc.publisherUniversidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería Industrial, Neivaes
dc.relation.ispartofJournal of Molecular Liquidses
dc.subject{etilenglicol (1) + agua (2)} mezclases
dc.subjectModelo Jouyban-Acreees
dc.subjectSolvatación preferenciales
dc.subject.otherSulfadiazine solvationes
dc.subject.other{ethylene glycol (1) + water (2)} mixtureses
dc.subject.otherJouyban-Acree modeles
dc.titleSolubility of sulfadiazine in (ethylene glycol + water) mixtures: Measurement, correlation, thermodynamics and preferential solvationes
dc.rights.licenseAtribución – Sin Derivares
dc.publisher.programIngeniería Industriales
dc.description.tableOfContentsHighlights. -- Abstract. -- Keywords. -- 1. Introduction. -- 2. Experimental. -- 3. Results and discussion. -- 4. Conclusions. -- Declaration of Competing Interest. -- Acknowledgements. --
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitationCruz et al. Solubility of sulfadiazine in (ethylene glycol + water) mixtures: Measurement, correlation, thermodynamics and preferential solvation, Journal of Molecular Liquids Volume 323, 1 February 2021, 115058es
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dc.source.bibliographicCitationW. Li, H. Lin, N. Song, G. Chen, X. Li, H. Zhao Equilibrium solubility investigation and thermodynamic aspects of biologically active gimeracil (form P) dissolved in aqueous co-solvent mixtures of isopropanol, N,N-dimethylformamide, ethylene glycol and dimethyl sulfoxide J. Chem. Thermodyn., 133 (2019), pp. 19-28es
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