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Title: Progressive Vaccinia Acquired through Zoonotic Transmission in a Patient with HIV/AIDS, Colombia
Author: Laiton-Donato, Katherine
Avila-Robayo, Paola
Paez-Martinez, Andres
Benjumea-Nieto, Paula
Usme-Ciro, Jose A.
Pinzón-Nariño, Nicole
Giraldo, Ivan
Torres-Castellanos, Diego
Nakazawa, Yoshinori
Patel, Nishi
Wilkins, Kimberly
Li, Yu
Davidson, Whitni
Burgado, Jillybeth
Satheshkumar, Panayampalli S.
Styczynski, Ashley
Mauldin, Matthew R.
Gracia-Romero, Martha
Petersen, Brett W.
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Issue Date: 10-Feb-2020
Keywords: Virus Vaccinia
Vaccinia progresiva
Abstract: In March 2015, a patient in Colombia with HIV/AIDS was hospitalized for disseminated ulcers after milking cows that had vesicular lesions on their udders. Vaccinia virus was detected, and the case met criteria for progressive vaccinia acquired by zoonotic transmission. Adherence to an optimized antiretroviral regimen resulted in recovery.
Program: Medicina
Headquarters: Santa Marta
Type: Artículo
Citation: Laiton-Donato, K., Ávila-Robayo, P., Páez-Martinez, A., Benjumea-Nieto, P., Usme-Ciro, J. A., Pinzón-Nariño, N., Giraldo, I., Torres-Castellanos, D., Nakazawa, Y., Patel, N., Wilkins, K., Li, Y., Davidson, W., Burgado, J., Satheshkumar, P. S., Styczynski, A., Mauldin, M. R., Gracia-Romero, M., & Petersen, B. W. (2020). Progressive Vaccinia Acquired through Zoonotic Transmission in a Patient with HIV/AIDS, Colombia. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 26(3), 601–605.
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