Desarrollo integral de la infancia y la adolescencia


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    Análisis de la situación actual de la zona occidente de la ucc en postconflicto para prospectiva ecoturística
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Administrativas y Contables, Comercio Internacional, Bogotá, 2017) Arenas Camacho , Andrea; Cortés Benítez, Saúl Alberto; Mosquera Laverde, William Eduardo
    In the last fifty years, Colombia has been the scene of an internal armed conflict that has generated impacts, among many, on the development of the region, making it difficult to enjoy its agricultural, water, agricultural, ecological and tourist riches, however in the In 2017, and after a process of dialogue and agreements, the bilateral signing of treaties for the search for peace with the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces FARC took place, thus dismantling the oldest guerrilla in the history of the conflict and thereby allowing , the implementation of strategies for the development of the region. In this way, in post-conflict Colombia the possibility of thinking about cultural, economic, social, tourist and ecological development becomes more acute, the latter considering the adverse effects that the conflict and the different attacks on the environment have brought with it. Thus, this document aims to expose the importance of promoting responsible and conscious tourism in caring for the environment and enabling, at the same time, economic and social growth in the regions of Cali, Cartago and Popayán, these being important scenarios. , not only because of the war history but because of the establishment of academic institutions such as the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia. On the other hand, it is important to recognize the future not as an event beyond the reach of human beings, unmeasurable and uncontrollable, but, on the contrary, from a prospective approach, this being a generator of changes because it is possible, at the current moment, to plan, identify dangers and opportunities and make decisions, thus generating short, medium and long-term impacts in the future. From this point, the importance of generating strategies that enable the economic benefit of tourism and environmental wealth without having a negative impact is identified. Thus, ecotourism is presented as an option for economic growth through ecological marketing.
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    Una mirada de las representaciones sociales sobre la sexualidad en estudiantes de 12 a 16 años de la institución educativa los comuneros-caldono
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Maestría en Proyectos para el Desarrollo Integral de Niños y Adolescentes, Santa Marta, 2023-10-26) Mera Pérez, Yamileth; Laverde, Leidy Jhohana; Guerrero Marterlo, Manuel; Suarez, Yuly Paola
    The present investigative work intends to know the social representations about sexuality in students in the eighth-grade stage of adolescence of the “Los Comuneros Siberia-Caldono-Cauca” Educational Institution. For this, from a qualitative investigative approach, methods of social representations such as free association and hierarchical tris were applied, which, complemented by the application of a semi-structured interview, revealed the social representation. The results of this research show that, although there are some differences between the prioritization of words that make up the representation between men and women and between indigenous and majority population, the central nucleus of the social representation of sexuality is respect, trust and love, while the peripheral elements of it are care, pregnancy and diseases.
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    Relación entre los problemas familiares, autoestima y el bienestar de los adolescentes pertenecientes a instituciones educativas de Caucasia, Antioquia
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Maestría en Proyectos para el Desarrollo Integeral de Niños y Adolescentes, Santa Marta, 2023-10-25) Posada Rojas, Katherine; Cadavid García, Kelly Patricia; Zabarain Cogollo, Sara; Fernández Daza, Martha
    It is indisputable that the family environment is fundamental in the formation of self-esteem in the first years of the child's life. This research project has the objective of establishing the relationship between family problems, self-esteem and the well-being of adolescents belonging to Educational Institutions of Caucasia Antioquia. This descriptive correlational research, with a quantitative design, an unintentional probabilistic sampling applied to 246 students of both sexes, implemented data collection without numerical calculation through the questionnaire for the evaluation of adolescent problems (Q-PAD). The results indicate that 13% of the study subjects present family problems, having as main indicators: communication problems in 80%, a "bad family environment" with 32% and that the family tries to control their lives with 23%. %, with presence in the male gender with an age range of 12 to 14 years. Regarding "Self-esteem - Well-being", the analysis of the percentile ranges indicates that they present excessive self-esteem, and highly optimistic "well-being" patterns, can show that 13% of those who indicated that this mechanism was chosen having family problems as a way to mitigate their reality at home.
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    Creencias sobre la guerra justa, orientación política y rasgos de personalidad en estudiantes universitarios colombianos
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Maestría en Desarrollo Integral de Niños y Adolescentes, Santa Marta, 2023-10-20) Castellanos Infante, Alba Constanza; Duarte Barrera, Milva Adriana; Vargas, Oscar Javier; Martha Martín Carbonell
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    Estrategia de intervención educativa para el desarrollo de la inteligencia emocional en adolescentes de la Fundación Educativa de Montelíbano
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud, Especialización en Epidemiología, Santa Marta, 2023-08-22) Corena Benítez, Francia Elena; Pérez Correa, Kethy Luz
    The present research aims to study emotional difficulties and behavioral disorders in adolescents from the Montelíbano Educational Foundation, analyzing their relationship with academic performance for the design of an educational intervention strategy that promotes the development of emotional intelligence and their overall growth. To carry out the study, a sample of 45 adolescents aged between 13 and 15 years was selected. Three assessment tools were used: the scale for the assessment of expression, management, and recognition of emotions (TMMS- 24), the Rosenberg self-esteem scale, and the Jolliffe and Farrington Empathy Scale. A detailed description of the variables of gender, age, academic performance, and emotional intelligence was conducted, followed by an exploratory analysis of the relationships between academic performance, emotional intelligence, empathy, and self-esteem to examine possible associations among them.
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    Inclusión educativa de niños y niñas con dificultades del aprendizaje de dos instituciones educativas de Santa Marta, Colombia
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud, Maestría en Proyectos para el Desarrollo Integral de Niños (Virtual), Santa Marta, 2023-08-18) Ortega Muñoz, Breidis; Benavides De Vega, Ligia Inés; Fernandez Daza, Martha
    The objective of this study is to analyze the inclusive education processes in boys and girls with learning difficulties, to recognize that inclusion goes beyond diversity that we are all different and it is this difference that makes us learn at different rates. Learning difficulties are manifest disorders that prevent the acquisition of knowledge in its entirety and can occur in specific areas of the brain. For its part, educational inclusion is a model that seeks to meet the learning needs of children to such an extent that it seeks to offer quality education. The type of research in this study was carried out using a cross-sectional and non-experimental design through a mixed analysis of descriptive scope. For this purpose, the Inclusion Index instrument was used. With this design, the indexes of educational inclusion in children with learning difficulties in two educational institutions (IE) in Santa Marta, Colombia, are reported through the analysis of indicators and areas of institutional management.
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    Diseño de un programa de inteligencia emocional basado en la lúdica para niños de básica primera en zona rural de Santa Marta (Colombia)- PEREGRIN-
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud, Maestría en Proyectos para el Desarrollo Integral de Niños (Virtual), Santa Marta, 2023) Clavijo Ariza , Zulma De Jesús; Delgado Rivero, Tatiana; Luz Peñaranda, Dina; Suarez Colorado, Yuli
    The emotions are an intrinsic part of human beings and are present throughout life and in different contexts, including schools. However, nowadays schools have focused primarily on intellectual development, neglecting the emotional dimension and ignoring its impact on mental health, psychological adjustment, coexistence, and academic performance. This study arises from the urgent need to develop emotional competencies in students of Primary Education at the Intercultural District Educational Institution "Nueva Colombia de la Sierra Nevada" - Branch 2, in the city of Santa Marta. This will be done through a program based on playful activities tailored to the specific needs of the context. The research was conducted using a mixed-methods approach, which allowed us to gather, analyze, and integrate quantitative data through the application of the Baron's Emotional Intelligence Scale. Additionally, qualitative data analysis was conducted based on a structured interview and a focus group involving primary school teachers directly involved in the study. Following the mixed-methods approach, the project adopted a sequential explanatory design, which involved integrating and interpreting the findings to produce the study report.
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    Sentido de comunidad en la escuela, funcionalidad familiar y riesgo de suicidio en adolescentes del municipio de San Pedro Valle
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Psicología, Santa Marta, 2022) Rodríguez Barona, Ángela María; Rodríguez Barona, Ángela María; Mg. Yuli Paola Suarez Colorado, Dra. Sara Josefina Zabaraín Cogollo
    Study with a quantitative descriptive correlational approach that aims to establish the association between the sense of community at school, family functionality and suicide risk in adolescents from the José Antonio Aguilera Educational Institution in the municipality of San Pedro, Valle. The sample consisted of 169 adolescents of both sexes between the ages of 13 and 17, to whom the 9-item Plutchink suicide risk scale, the family Apgar score, and the sense of community scale at school were applied. In relation to the results, regarding the risk of suicide in adolescents in the municipality of San Pedro from the José Antonio Aguilera Educational Institution, it is identified that 45% of the participating adolescents have a high risk of suicide and 55% have a high risk of suicide. low suicide risk. Regarding the characterization of family functionality, it is identified that 36.1% have low family functionality, 32.5% have medium family functionality and 31.4% have high family functionality. The characterization of the sense of community in the school identified that 39.1% of the participating adolescents have a low perception, 28.4% a medium perception and 32.5% a high perception. A significant negative correlation was found between family function and suicidal risk, that is, the higher the family functionality, the lower the suicidal risk, while no relationship was found between the sense of community and suicidal risk.