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Title: Distribution of the Lutzomya columbiana in historical Bartonelosis foci in the basins of the rivers Guaitara, Juanambú and Mayo in the Nariño County - Colombia
Author: Rosero Galindo, Carol Yovanna
Montenegro Coral, Franco Andrés
García López, Juan Pablo
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Issue Date: 2014
Keywords: biological vectors of
diseases in human
Resume: Ponencia Internacional
Abstract: BACKGROUND: The genre Lutzomyia has great importance in public health, since several species are biological vectors of pathogenic agents, who produce diseases in human beings as the leishmaniasis and bartonellosis. Lutzomyia columbiana constitutes a topic of interest in investigation explained by the limited knowledge of the ecological dynamics of the vector. METHODS: Between June 2013 and February 2014, an entomological transverse study for the collection of Lutzomyias in the municipalities of, San Pablo, Albán, The Union, Sandoná, Consacá, Guaitarilla, Linares and Samaniego was carried out, historical foci of bartonelosis located in the basins of the rivers Guaitara, Juanambú and Mayo. The capture of the samples was done between 6:00 pm and 7:00 am, using type CDC traps, Shannon traps and active search in resting places of shade ecosystems coffee plantations in twelve farms located between the 1300 and 1800 m.a.s.l. RESULTS: 1227 specimens were collected Lu. columbiana [ 1215 ♀ and 12 ♂ ] in 16 localities in 8 municipalities, which are included in the Orobioma Under the Andes. The sites of capture were located in agricultural heterogeneous areas, secondary vegetation, with soils of type andisol. Regarding the microclimate, relative dampness was between 78-84 % and nighttime temperatures were between 15.8-19.81 º C. CONCLUSIONS: The results allow to consider that the species found in 8 municipalities ratify the presence of species of the verrucarum genre that allegedly could be involved in the transmission of bartonelosis as it was affirmed in its moment by the laboratory of Public Health of Nariño (1941) and in the transmission of leishmaniasis as mentioned by Arroyo CG and Garzon J. (1995) before an outbreak of Leishmania mexicana in Samaniego (N).
Program: Medicina
Headquarters: Pasto
Type: Ponencia
CC Licence: Licencia CC
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