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Title: Reproducibility and validity of the abbreviated scale of development and frequency of abnormal child development in Medellin
Author: Cardona Arias, Jaiberth
Jaramillo Caro, A. M.
Sánchez Rojas, J. I.
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Issue Date: Nov-2015
Keywords: Abbreviated Scale of Development
Child development
Reproducibility of results
Resume: Artículo Científico
Abstract: Introduction: There are no research studies on child development in Medellin, nor is the psychometric performance of the instruments used for their measurement known. Objective: Evaluating the reproducibility and validity of the Abbreviated Scale of Development and determining the frequency of abnormal child development in an area of Medellin-Colombia. Methods:Atransversalstudy and psychometric evaluation of 141 children lessthan 5 years of age were performed with the Abbreviated Scale of Development. The description was performed using a summary of measurements and frequencies. Reliability was determined with Cronbach’s α and internal consistency and discriminating power with Spearman’s correlations. Content validity and predictive validity were calculated through exploratory factor analysis. The degree of child development was compared based on gender and age group using the chi-square test. Results: The 4 dimensions of child developmentshowed the following: Cronbach’s α higher than 0.85; greater than 90% of success in internal consistency and discriminating power; 100%successin the content validity forGross and FineMotor Skills; and explained variance of 52.3%. The frequency of children at the Alert level was 15.6% for the Listening and Language and Personal-Social dimensions and approximately 8% for Motor Skills. Conclusion: The excellent reproducibility and validity are evidence of the availability of a scale for screening child development in Medellin. The high frequency of children with a Medium or Alert level of psycho-social and motor skills development corroborates the need to improve clinical interventions, public health and education policy for this group. Keywords: Child development; Reproducibility of results; Validity; Frequency; Colombia
Table Of Contents: Introduction. -- Objective. -- Methods. -- Results. -- Conclusion.
Program: Medicina
Headquarters: Medellín
Type: Artículo
CC Licence: Licencia CC
Citation: Arias JAEC, Caro AMJ, Rojas JI S. (2015). Reproducibility and Validity of the Abbreviated Scale of Development and Frequency of Abnormal Child Development in Medellin. Transl Biomed, 6(3). doi: 10.21767/2172-0479.100025
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