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Title: Responsibility of the University in the University-Company-State Triad
Author: Hernández Arteaga, Isabel
Hernández Ramírez, Iván
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Issue Date: 30-Nov-2014
Keywords: Knowledge,
Social responsibility
State relationship
Regional development
Resume: It is a priority for 21st-century universities that they be seen, by promoting and undertaking actions to fulfill their social responsibility. For this to occur they must embrace the concept of the university as an organization that, through its substantive functions, provides the conditions for comprehensive training of the person, the citizen, and the professional, and that in terms of research orients the creation, development, and innovation1 of knowledge to generate specific impacts on society that are different from those created by other organizations such as the company or the State.
Abstract: This text is the result of the research project “Strengthening Relationships in the University-Company- State Committees of Cauca and Nariño,” carried out using knowledge management strategies that enabled coordination between businesspeople, researchers, government agencies, and interface institutions. It is divided into three parts to permit an analysis of relationships in the University- Company-State triad and the responsibility of these entities in regional progress based on improving the population’s quality of life. The social responsibility of the university is addressed in terms of its connection with the environment. Currently, the relationship between the university and society is undergoing a transformation; the university’s mission focuses on training professionals and developing knowledge, making the university relevant to society’s needs. For companies, social responsibility is a requirement of context. It represents an added value and, at the same time, a competitive advantage that allows companies to position themselves in their field. There, the company is surrounded by active and reactive stakeholders that determine the interrelationships needed to evolve, and is supported by the State through public policy strategies in this area.
Table Of Contents: Introduction; What is implied by the concept of social responsibility?; University Social Responsibility (usr); Corporate Social Responsibility (csr); University-Company Relationship (uc); The University-Company-State (ucs) triad and Conclusion.
Program: Medicina
Headquarters: Pasto
Type: Libro Capítulo
CC Licence: Licencia CC
Citation: Hernández Arteaga, I. & Hernández Ramírez, I. (2014). Responsibility of the University in the University-Company-State Triad. In Hernández Arteaga, I., & Pemberthy-Gallo, L.S. (Comps.), University-Company-State: Towards a Culture of Research and Innovation. Second Conference of Business Innovation in Cauca and Nariño (23-42). Bogotá: Editorial Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia - Red Urel.
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