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Title: Catalytic Dry Reforming for Biomass-Based Fuels Processing: Progress and Future Perspectives
Author: Colmenares, Juan C.
Colmenares Quintero, Ramón F.
Pieta, Izabela S.
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Issue Date: 1-Aug-2016
Keywords: Alternative Fuels
Biomass Conversion
Carbon Dioxide Utilization
Resume: Articulo de investigacion cientifica sobre el estado del arte del procesamiento de combustibles basados en biomasa utilizando Reformado Catalítico en Seco.
Abstract: We describe and review recent research on potential biomass-derived fuels consisting of methanol, ethanol, butanol, and carboxylic acids. These fuels possess a volumetric energy densities of 15.6–22.7, 20.9–26.8, and 24.6 (levulinic acid) MJL@, respectively. We recognize biomass as a valuable, sustainable, and economic fuel source in comparison to fossil fuels. First, we discuss, characterize, and compare all mentioned fuels. Second, we review recent research developments in the continuous pre-processing for syngas production for biofuels production, specifically concentrating on dry reforming and the catalytic effects on the effluent and process efficiency. Finally, we discuss the future prospects and research needs to realize this technology on a global scale.
Table Of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Biomass-Based Biofuels 2.1. Bio-syngas 2.2. Bio-methanol 2.3. Bio-ethanol 2.4. Bio-butanol 2.5. Levulinic acid and derivatives 3. Fuel Processing 3.1. Principles of biofuel dry reforming 4. Catalytic Screening: From HC DR to Biofuels DR Processing 5. Future Prospects and Outlook Acknowledgements
Program: Ingeniería Mecánica
Headquarters: Medellín
Type: Artículo
CC Licence: Licencia CC
Citation: Colmenares, J. C., Colmenares Quintero, R. F., & Pieta, I. S. (2016). Catalytic Dry Reforming for Biomass-Based Fuels Processing: Progress and Future Perspectives. Energy Technology, 4, 881-890
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