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Title: Experimental Analysis and Modeling of NOx Emissions in Compression Ignition Engines Fueled with Blends of Diesel and Palm Oil Biodiesel
Author: Villegas Quiceno, Adriana
Colmenares Quintero, Ramón Fernando
Merola, Simona S.
Irimescu, Adrian
Valentino, Gerardo
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Issue Date: 23-Apr-2016
Keywords: Compression Ignition Engine
NOx Emissions
Resume: Este articulo muestra el desarrollo de un modelo de emisiones de NOx para motores Diesel, el cual fue publicado en los Proceedings of the International Conference on Vehicle Technology and Intelligent Transport Systems.
Abstract: In this work, theoretical and experimental studies about the effects of the blends of diesel and palm oil biodiesel on NOx formation in compression-ignition engines were developed. Experiments were conducted using commercial diesel, palm oil biodiesel and blends at 5% (B5), 20% (B20) and 50% (B50) as fuels. A phenomenological semi-empirical model that uses the information obtained from thermodynamic diagnostics was used for determining the theoretical NOx formation. The model shows the high sensitivity of NOx formation to the temperature and the operating conditions. Effects associated to the operating conditions of the engine were evaluated and the results indicate that high engine loads and low speeds lead to the NOx formation. However, it was not possible to determine with precision, the effect of the type of fuel, because of the high sensitivity of the NOx formation with respect to the operating conditions of the engine.
Table Of Contents: 1 Introducción. 2 Methodology. 2.1 Modeling of NOx Emissions in Diesel Engines 2.2 Experimental Setup 3 Results and Analysis 3.1 Experimental Analysis of NOx Emissions 3.2 Semi-empirical Model for NOx Formation 4 Conclusions acknowldgements References
Program: Ingeniería Mecánica
Headquarters: Medellín
Type: Libro Capítulo
CC Licence: Licencia CC
Citation: Villegas Quiceno, A., Colmenares Quintero, R., Merola, S., Irimescu, A. & Valentino, G. (2016). Experimental Analysis and Modeling of NOx Emissions in Compression Ignition Engines Fueled with Blends of Diesel and Palm Oil Biodiesel. Scitepress science and technology publicatons, 245-252 doi: 10.5220/0005944502450252
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