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Title: Research as the Cornerstone of the UniversityCompany-State Relationship
Author: Rosero Galindo, Carol Yovanna
García López, Juan Pablo
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Issue Date: Aug-2014
Keywords: National research system
Regional analysis
Young researcher
Resume: Capítulo de libro en libro resultado de investigación
Abstract: In Colombia, research is a dynamic process that involves various sectors. This chapter presents coordination between the Colombian state, the university, and the business sector in the field of research. Colombia’s national research system is analyzed, along with how universities should be included and engaged with regards to state plans and policies, with the case of Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia highlighted. The involvement of young researchers in the Nariño region is then examined, along with the relevance of this as an indicator of research outcomes in the training of new human talent. Finally, the chapter looks at the involvement of the three entities previously mentioned in accordance with the Strategic Departmental Plan for Science, Technology, and Innovation in the Nariño region, arriving at the conclusion that the state system must implement actions to promote participation and facilitate communication between the sectors and stakeholders it is composed of.
Program: Medicina
Headquarters: Pasto
Type: Libro Capítulo
CC Licence: Licencia CC
Citation: Rosero-Galindo, C.Y. & García López, J.P. (2014). Research as the Cornerstone of the University-Company-State Relationship. In Hernández Arteaga, I. & Pemberthy-Gallo, L.S. (Comps.), University-Company-State: Towards a Culture of Research and Innovation. Second Conference of Business Innovation in Cauca and Nariño (pp. 81-94). Bogotá: Editorial Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia - Red urel.
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