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    La tienda como ambiente de aprendizaje para el fortalecimiento del pensamiento numérico en estudiantes de grado Cuarto de la IED La Concepción de Bogotá.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Maestría en Dificultades de la Educación, Bogotá, 2023) Barrantes Cepeda, Sandra; Zamudio Gonzalez , Rosa Daisy
    The objective of this research was to determine the importance of the school store as a playful learning environment for strengthening numerical thinking in fourth grade students. It began with a survey of the institution's teachers to learn more about their pedagogical practice compared to the teaching of mathematics in primary school. Subsequently, a didactic sequence of the store was designed and implemented, through the recording of the experience in a field diary. Finally, a satisfaction survey was carried out on the students participating in the process. The results initially show a trend of traditional and mechanical teaching of mathematics, but it opens up new strategies. In the same way, motivation and better academic performance were evidenced in the second quarter according to the record of the subject's grades. Finally, from this whole process a reflection on the teaching-learning methodology of mathematics from an experiential scenario emerges.
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    Procesos cognitivos básicos y su relación con el aprendizaje en época postpandemia en estudiantes de segundo grado de la IED las Villas Sol Naciente jornada la tarde municipio de Soacha
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Maestría en Dificultades del Aprendizaje, Bogotá, 2023-09-01) Ortegón Cabezas, Carolina Leonor; Hernández Villamizar, Claudia Yanira
    This research corresponds to the degree work for the Master's degree in Learning Difficulties at the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Bogotá. It focuses on the academic consequences for students of the change of educational modality during and after the pandemic, a situation that led teachers to discover the consequences of the pandemic in the school context and required them to rethink education from the point of view of teaching and learning. The health crisis generated by COVID-19 has posed innumerable academic, emotional and social challenges, especially for students in the first, second and third grades of primary school. The abrupt transition to virtual education and subsequent return to the classroom has had a significant impact on the teaching and learning processes, evidencing notorious consequences in the students who by 2023 will be in second grade at the Sol Naciente de Soacha Educational Institution in Soacha, Cundinamarca.
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    Uso de material tangible para el aprendizaje del Sistema de Numeración Decimal en estudiantes de segundo grado del Colegio Marsella I.E.D
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Maestría en Dificultades del Aprendizaje, Bogotá., 2023-09-23) Díaz Chacón , Ángela; González Franco, Angélica Paola; Zamudio González, Rosa Daisy
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    Rondas infantiles como recurso didáctico para fortalecer el proceso inicial de lectura en los estudiantes del nivel de jardín
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Maestría en Dificultades de Aprendizaje, Bogotá., 2023-09-11) Martínez López, Liliana; Hernández Fierro, Jenny Paola; Rojas Gamboa , Yuly Andrea
    The development of initial reading in early childhood helps to expand the learning capacity in all areas, this is why, based on the students’ difficulties evidenced in these ages with respect to the reading process, the objective of this research is to strengthen the initial reading process in kindergarten students through the nursery rhymes as a didactic resource. This type of research is AR (action-research) along with a socio-critical paradigm that involves qualitative approach. The design is descriptive based on the analysis of the data collected. It is developed at José Martí IED school, branch D afternoon shift, located in Bogotá city; 15 kindergarten students are part of the target population. The Pre test evidenced that there are aspects of language and the DBA attention and memory that are at a basic development in these students. These results are triangulated with the students, parents and teachers’ surveys in order to formulate the intervention. Regarding the results from the Post test, these students reached significant achievements in a natural and spontaneous way, due to the cognitive strengthening that occurred within the intervention and implementation of the nursery rhymes as a didactic resource. It is due they favor not only the initial reading processes, but also they have an impact on the different dimensions of the student, improving social and cognitive skills, as well as it leaked out their families and other actors of the educational community. As a conclusion, the use of nursery rhymes as a didactic resource allows the strengthening of the needed skills for early childhood reading process.
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    Estrategia pedagógica para fomentar participación de familias en procesos iniciales de escritura y lectura en estudiantes de transición.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Maestría en Dificultades del Aprendizaje, Bogotá, 2023-01-20) Calvo, Yeimi Andrea; Vargas Alfaro, Gisela Yeraldin; Salcedo Santos Soraida
    In this work the pedagogical strategy:” Viajando con las Familias en el Tren del Aprendizaje” was established, as a proposal for the promotion of participation in initial writing and reading processes in families of 25 students of the transition grade (2 morning sessions) of the Colegio José Francisco Socarrás. It consisted of the implementation of 11 sessions: 4 face-to-face, 1 virtual and 6 work at home; initially it was welcomed; the foundations of learning in transition (guiding activities and dimensions of development) were established, which were eventually: preparing me to write (apprehension, fine motor skills and graphomotricity), preparing me to read (phonological awareness and shared reading); finally, we reflected on the experiences with the participants of the research. The research was carried out through a qualitative research approach with an Action Research design, which gave development to the five phases proposed by Bancayan and Vega (2020), phase I- Problem Identification, phase II- Diagnostic, phase III- Action Plan, Phase IV- Action, and phase V- Reflection. Techniques and instruments were used to collect information from the participant observation, field diary, survey and questionnaire. Finally, the results show that families are able to participate to a greater extent when they perceive that they are formed by an accessible language in relation to the topics of the initial processes of writing and reading that their children learn in the transition grade, and also when they feel that they are recognized by teachers in the processes of student learning.
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    Lectorcito: una estrategia pedagógica basada en el Diseño Universal para el aprendizaje-DUA. al alcance de todos y para todos que permite favorecer los procesos de comprensión lectora
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Maestría en Dificultades del Aprendizaje, Bogotá, 2023) Alvarado Valencia, Karent Tatiana; Rojas Mora, Andrea Paola; Gladiz Rossana Cuervo Botero
    Current education has undergone several transformations, many of them as a result of the pandemic. In this sense, the school must become a place of encounter with human being recognized from his abilities, potentialities, and diverse ways of seeing and understanding the world. Therefore, this intervention proposal arises, being its general objective to support the reading comprehension processes of third grade students with low school performance of the Liceo Antonio de Toledo (LAT), through a pedagogical strategy based on the Universal Design for Learning (DUA for its acronym in Spanish). In that respect, the pedagogical proposal LECTORCITO is presented, which includes a series of activities based on the interests and contributions of the students, looking to have a positive and significant impact on the participants: 26 students in grade 3A, among which there is a target group of 8 students who are part of the NETWORK NEED (Special Educational Needs ). LECTORCITO provided several literary experiences that promote reading comprehension processes in eight two-hour work sessions. According to the implementation, favorable results were obtain NEE, as required in the comparative pre and posttests, implemented with the focus group through the Reading Process Evaluation Test (PROLEC for its acronym in Spanish). As a conclusion, it can be inferred that the challenges of education require a greater effort and commitment on the part of teachers, seeking to involve in their praxis contents more accessible to students, recognizing them from their abilities and skills. In addition, to enable self-training spaces that allow to account for the initiatives offered by the regulations of inclusive education, in particular the DUA as a strategy that allows the activation of the three main neural networks: affective, recognition and strategic; which in turn account for the what, how and why of any teaching and learning process, becoming the scenario where everyone can see and feel themselves as protagonists of their educational process.
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    Desarrollo de las habilidades de pensamiento en un ambiente híbrido de aprendizaje y su incidencia en el desarrollo de las competencias comunicativas de los estudiantes del grado noveno de la Institución Educativa San Mateo del municipio de Soacha.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Maestría en Dificultades del Aprendizaje, Bogotá, 2022-08-12) Higuera Verano, Diana Yolima; Párraga Munar, Yenni Amanda; Piñeros Ibañez, Ángela Viviana; Romero Mendoza, Angela Andrea
    The purpose of this qualitative research is to establish the incidence of strengthening and enhancing thinking skills in the learning process, especially in the construction, development and foundation of communicative competence and their respective linguistic abilities. This purpose is due to the need to offer the students of the ninth grade of the San Mateo Educational Institution, methodological strategies that link mental processes as a basis for the development of thought and contribute to effective learning and the construction of knowledge. The execution of the proposal was mediated by ICTs, through the implementation of a didactic sequence, in a hybrid learning environment, given the health conditions due to COVID in the country and in the world. The data collection was carried out through a diagnostic questionnaire and the application of the mentioned sequence. The results obtained allowed us to establish the importance of designing and implementing learning materials and resources that involve the mastery of skills and the handling and processing of information.
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    Atención a estudiantes con discapacidad: concepciones, actitudes y prácticas de los docentes de apoyo pedagógico en la educación inclusiva.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Educación, Maestría en Dificultades de Aprendizaje, Bogotá, 2022-07-12) Cruz Porras, Luz Stefany; González Bohórquez, Carmen Yine; Hernández Arteaga, Rosario Isabel
    The experiences situated around the realities of care for students with disabilities emerge from the actions, contexts and social representations that, through stories and affirmative actions, transform education and acceptance of diversity. In this sense, this research work of the Master's Degree in Learning Difficulties of the Cooperative University of Colombia, is the result of a research work that responds to the learning built in the course of the program and the need to train teachers interested in investigate the problems and realities in the educational context, strengthening investigative skills, reflecting and creating social awareness about the work of teachers and the social impact that research in the educational field can generate, breaking the paradigm that is built on professionals in education and their little interest in investigating and changing the social realities of the country.
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    Hábitos de lectura para fortalecer la comprensión lectora en estudiantes del ciclo 2 del colegio José Martí
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Educación, Maestría en Dificultades del Aprendizaje, Bogotá, 2022-02-16) Ospina Marín, Adriana; Solano Garcés, María Helena; Guarnizo Valenzuela, Sandra Patricia; Cardozo Galeano, Germán Darío
    Reading is a fundamental exercise in the cognitive development of the human being. Its importance is given beyond the academic context as an enrichment activity that can contribute significantly to promoting reading habits and as a consequence, to developing comprehension skills. This article aims to recognize the reading habits of teachers and students in cycle two. The qualitative paradigm with hermeneutical approach and ethnographic research method allowed a bibliographic review, with the information collected through focus groups, semi-structured interviews and a workshop on previous knowledge, an intervention strategy was proposed to promote reading habits involving the community educational. It was evidenced that comprehension and reading habits were activities that had minimal interest in students, especially if they did not have the support of their families. The importance of generating spaces that develop reading processes is concluded from the home.