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Title: Frequency of pulpal and periapical disorders prior to orthodontic treatment
Author: Cifuentes Jaramillo, Yohana
Cárdenas González, Carolina
Rueda Vallejo, Zulma Vanessa
Preciado Sánchez, Camilo
Botero Mariaca, Paola María
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Issue Date: 2015
Keywords: Pulpa dental
Tejido periapical
Abstract: Introduction and objective: Orthodontic forces can aggravate a pre-existent pulpal condition. The aim of the present study was to determine the frequency of pulpal disorders in patients prior to orthodontic treatment. Materials and methods: Transversal study. 37 patients (19 female, 18 male) who met the following criteria were included: Patients with permanent dentition (including second molars) with full root formation, with a complete set of periapical radiographs, and no previous orthodontic treatment. Patients using pacemakers or with history of previous orthodontic treatment were excluded. Clinical testing of pulpal vitality and sensitivity, as well as periapical condition, was performed. Relative and absolute frequencies for pulpal and periapical diagnoses were described. Also, stratification by gender, age, arch, and area was implemented. Results: 981 teeth were analyzed, 48.6% of the teeth showed pulpal or periapical disorders (477/981). Pulpless teeth were found mostly in female patients (72.2%), patients with 41 years of age on average (26%), and patients exhibiting three or more restorations (2.8%). 20.5% teeth were affected with periapical conditions (39/942). The first left maxillary molar showed the highest frequency of pulpal and periapical disorders. 73.5% exhibited poorly-performed obturation or condensation techniques from the 34 affected teeth (25/34). 74.3% of affected teeth were in the maxilla and 64.1% were in the posterior area of the mouth. A detail clinical and radiological examination of pulpal and periapical status should be performed before the onset of orthodontic treatment.
Program: Odontología
Headquarters: Medellín
Type: Artículo
Citation: Cifuentes Jaramillo, Y., Cárdenas González, C., Vanessa Rueda, Z., Preciado Sánchez, C., & Botero Mariaca, P (2015). Frequency of pulpal and periapical disorders prior to orthodontic treatment. Revista CES odontología, 28(2) 11-19
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