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    Propuesta de un modelo de gobernanza de datos para medianas y pequeñas empresas colombianas
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Maestría en Gestión de Tecnologías de la Información, Bucaramanga, 2022-12) Rivera Jiménez, Elkin; Maestre Góngora, Gina Paola; Osorio Sanabria, Mariutsi Alexandra
    The purpose of this study is to analyze the perception of Data Governance (DG) by Information Technology (IT) professionals of Colombian micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in order to understand the knowledge about the importance and perspective, as well as the potential challenges in the adoption of good DG practices. The analysis was conducted from an exploratory approach by applying a survey to 17 employees of MSMEs in Colombia and by interviewing a focus group of 8 people. Our analysis found that, although there is a favorable perception regarding DG, the strategies and processes required to implement a DG program in MSMEs are not yet known. It was revealed that the main challenges are related to the lack of clarity on privacy and data confidentiality issues, the availability of human capital, and the low investment in IT infrastructure. In addition, the need for DG frameworks that can be scalable and adaptable to the needs of MSMEs was identified.
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    Prototipo de la aplicación móvil “Conectados”
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería de Sistemas, Villavicencio, 2022-12-15) Saza Ortiz, Jefferson Elian; Estrada Romero, Cristian Estrada; Sánchez Cobaleda, Carlos Andrés; Garcia Galindo, Daymer Arley; Patiño Martinez, Francy Yaneth
    This project is carried out as a final degree project in the modality of a deepening seminar, on the subject of mobile applications; applying in this some of the topics seen in the race and the seminar. It is developed as a practical activity where the topics seen during the 2021-2 and 2022-1 cycle are applied and evaluated. Through this project we want to develop a prototype of the mobile application for older adults to manage romantic dates that offer the opportunity to enjoy a social life and active relationships.
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    Diseño de una red de área local y su interconexión entre dos sedes de una microempresa ubicada en Bogotá aplicando los estándares IEEE 802.3 y ANSI/TIA/EIA.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería de Sistemas, Bogotá, 2022-12) Nossa Arias, Jefferson Estip; Pérez Martínez, Franco Javier; Cuervo Bogotá, Gustavo Adolfo; Méndez Alvarado, Iván
    What is proposed in the following document is to propose a generic local area network design and the interconnection between two headquarters of the same microenterprise located in Bogota, applying the IEEE 802. 3 and ANSI/TIA/EIA standards, since microenterprises are a fundamental base in Colombia because they allow moving the country's economy, being one of the largest generators of employment today, in which there is a fundamental problem since some microenterprises do not have a network that allows them connectivity between headquarters, Additionally, they do not have a good scalability, availability and security of the data that is transferred daily through wired and wireless transmission media, or in the worst case, they do have a network implemented but with a high deficit of security and administration of their equipment. Being these an important pillar for loss of information, generating delays in the daily processes of their employees facing their customers as each of these delays affect the productivity of the company generating losses at the monetary level either by redundancy issues or unavailability of the network that prevent the full functionality of the Core applications of the company that are used daily by its employees; The purpose of this document is to propose a generic network design focused on those microenterprises in the city of Bogota for connectivity issues, management of computer equipment, network and its interconnection to communicate data in local environments and / or geographically distant spaces. Generally, these problems are due to structural issues or that these do not meet the basic security standards for a network.
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    Diseño de un sistema web bajo patrones modelo vista controlador empleando framework de desarrollo para la iglesia cristiana Iglefiel en la ciudad de Bogotá.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería de Sistemas, Bogotá, 2020-12) Borda Borda, Johan Sebastian; Simanca Herrera, Fredys Alberto
    Within the congregation of the Christian church Fidelidad del Señor, the development of a web system for the as a social business practice the development of a web system comprising of a website and a mobile a web page and a mobile application under the support of information developed in a DB (database) information developed in a DB (Data Base), with which they can contribute to the technological to contribute to the technological development of the congregation by providing optimal digital digital information systems and also more communication facilities within the areas of the church. the areas of the church. Within the project it will be possible to identify the development processes that were established for the implementation of the web system. established for the implementation of the web system with their respective methodologies and life cycle methodologies and software life cycle process and the guidelines taken into account in order to ensure a good guidelines taken into account in order to ensure a good development of the project.
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    Sistema de base de datos para la farmacia Opti MyJ centralizada en la optimización de tiempo de carga y envió de datos
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería de Sistemas, Villavicencio, 2022-12) Esquivel Amaya, Yeison; Zamora Moreno, Néider Fabián; Londoño Torres, Carlos Ignacio; Patiño Martínez, Francy Yaneth
    This document contains the development of the degree project that has the name " Sistema de base de datos para la farmacia Opti MyJ centralizada en la optimización de tiempo de carga y envió de datos ". The current problem of the pharmacy is presented, detecting shortcomings in the product marketing section, this is due to the fact that it does not have optimal tools for the administration of inventory and sales processes, for this reason an analysis is carried out to propose the design and development of a web application that allows meeting the need presented by the pharmacy. For the project, the agile work methodology was applied, making use of the SCRUM framework, the implementation of the web application will help the pharmacy in the product management processes since they do not have one as such and do not have the resources to acquire a more robust system.
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    Perspectiva teórica de los sistemas de detección de intrusos con uso de inteligencia artificial en redes de sensores inalámbricos.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería de Sistemas, Ibagué, 2020-12-30) Gutiérrez Portela, Fernando; Almenárez Mendoza, Florina; Calderón Benavides, Liliana; Romero-Riaño, Efren; Clavijo Bustos, Nelly
    Wireless sensor networks (WSN) suffer from numerous attacks and threats that seriously affect the availability, confidentiality and integrity, authentication and identification and privacy of data, and in response to these intrusions some detection systems use automatic learning techniques that help ensure that the services provided by WSNs are not affected. It is identified that there is a need to trace the research path in the detection of intrusions within wireless sensor networks and identify the use of Artificial Intelligence tools that obtain the best performance within this objective. Therefore, this research analyzes the intrusion detection systems in wireless sensor networks with Artificial Intelligence, from a theoretical perspective through a study of the scientific production in three databases: Scopus, IEEE and Elsevier.
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    Prospectiva de seguridad de las redes de sensores inalámbricos
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería de Sistemas, Ibagué, 2021-06-07) Gutierrez Portela, Fernando; Almenares-Mendoza, Florina; Calderón-Benavides, Liliana; Romero-Riaño, Efren
    In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), nodes are vulnerable to security attacks because they are installed in a harsh environment with limited power and memory, low processing power, and medium broadcast transmission.Therefore, identifying threats, challenges, and solutions of security and privacy is a talkingtopic today. This article analyzes the research work that has been carried out on the security mechanisms for the protection of WSN against threats and attacks, as well as the trends that emerge in other countries combined with future research lines. From the methodological point of view, this analysis is shown through the visualization and study of works indexed in databases such as IEEE, ACM, Scopus,and Springer, with a range of 7 years as an observation window, from 2013 to 2019. A total of 4,728 publications were obtained, with a high rate of collaborationbetween China and India
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    Guía para la aplicación de ingeniería inversa de software.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingeniería, Ingeniería de Sistemas, Bogotá, 2022-11) Alba Fortich, Miguel Eduardo; Rivera Sánchez, Gustavo Armando
    Guide designed for educational purposes on how to analyze a program through debugging and to be used as a learning method on how to reverse engineer a small program made in C++ with the x64dbg tool, analyzing its inner workings through the practice of debugging and comparing the machine code product of the compilation of the source code of a proposed example.
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    Diseño de un aplicativo web interactivo para el apoyo del aprendizaje de las derivadas de funciones algebraicas para los estudiantes de la Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia sede principal de Bogotá D.C.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería de Sistemas, Bogotá, 2022-11) Mayoral Azuero, Julian David; Medina Castañeda, Yilman
    Mistakes in the knowledge of mathematics are not something that should be taken lightly because in the professional field can cause accidents, lawsuits or in the worst case, due to the errors, generate deaths due to failures in the calculations. These errors are caused by the fact that students currently prefer to use software which indicate the answers to interpret and understand these procedures because they consider that this knowledge is not so necessary or impractical when using them (Ruiz Socarras, 2008). This generates that students constantly depend on these softwares that do not allow them to improve their knowledge, but through a software that allows students not to find the answer if not improve their knowledge in an interactive way that allows their understanding and interpretation the knowledge that will allow them to improve either their grades or at the time they are at the time of making their working life do not generate errors that can be harmful either for their career or for other people (Navarrete Rodríguez, 2017). This software is simply an interactive application with basic knowledge of basic derivation and integration that will allow students to improve their knowledge that cost them so much since this type of subjects tend to lose them 1 or 2 times which generate that they can lose their stay in the career and this knowledge is necessary for the rest of the career in several subjects. Improving this type of knowledge will not only help them in their career but also when they begin to use it in their working life (Padilla Escorcia & Conde-Carmona, 2020).
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    Sistema de gestión de plagio web para las propuestas de grado (SGP)
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería de Sistemas, Villavicencio, 2022-11) Berrocal Hernández, Oscar Nicolas; Gutiérrez Garces, Johan Esteban; Patiño Martínez, Francy Yaneth; Torres Londoño, Carlos Ignacio
    This document describes the work carried out as a final degree project in the Systems Engineering career. The project consists of the development of a web application that allows to carry out and control the format of the degree work proposal in order to facilitate the process of validation, approval or rejection of said proposals. Its objective is to allow the realization and validation of the formats of degree projects in the area of Systems Engineering. The website is accessible from any browser via the Internet. Regarding the users, the page has several types, on the one hand there are the students who can enter to register or modify the proposals they wish to make, the teachers who can review the proposals of the students, authenticate the proposed idea, comment for some error that the proposal has and validate or reject the proposal.