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    Retorno a clases en un ambiente socioemocional seguro
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Especialización en Proyectos Educativos, Bogotá, 2022) Jaimes Luna, Beatriz Milena; Guacaneme Murillo, Mónica Johanna; Daza Córdoba, Luisa Fernanda; Salazar Benavides, Jairo Armando; Lozano Patiño, Martha Inés; Sánchez , Magle
    The teachers and teaching directors of the following public institutions in Colombia that we call below: Santa Cruz de Girón Santander Urban School, Rogelio Salmona I.ED School, Bolivia I.E.D. the first in the Bolívar locality and the second in the Engativá locality of the city of Bogotá, the I.E. San Luis Gonzaga, from Túquerres Nariño and the José María Carbonell Educational Institution from San Antonio Tolima, all with mixed population of stratum 0 1, 2 and 3, official and public, where preschool, basic primary, basic secondary and middle levels are offered; We are part of the research team of this intervention project.
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    Fundación infancias contemporáneas: propuesta pedagógica para la educación infantil con enfoque multidimensional en la localidad de Suba
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Especialización en Gerencia de Proyectos Educativos, Bogotá, 2016) Ariza, Martha Dianey; Sandoval Gutiérrez, Nelcy; Ortiz Salgado, Wendy Viviana; Cruz de Cediel, Gladys; Siabato, Margarita
    The research project, which is presented below, aims to contribute to the creation of the Infancia Contemporánea Foundation, for early childhood care with a multidimensional approach where children explore technology and their artistic skills. The project seeks to take into account the strategies of Reggio Emilia where Loris Malaguzzi proposes to break the traditional pedagogies to form a future of schools with autonomous, competent children with potentialities and rights. STEAM education will also be taken to describe projects and programs in education that share knowledge, experiences and relationships in teaching and learning. This project is realized in a single moment what is the theoretical part, but it is aspired in the long term to be an applied project.
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    Fortalecimiento al desarrollo de las competencias comunicativas del idioma inglés en los estudiantes del grado 5° del Liceo Católico Campestre
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Especialización en Gerencia de proyectos educativos, Bogotá, 2018) Pacheco Lopez, Yicela; Rodriguez Caicedo, Nancy Paola; Rubio Martín, Evelyn; Parra Buitrago, Elmer
    The following study explores how the use of websites, didactic and creative learning environments as well as the use of teaching units improve significantly the strengthening of the development of communication skills in the English foreign language in the 5th grade students of the Catholic school. The methodology of this study was based on the quantitative approach which is the path that guides the researchers to structure strategies to address the solution of the identified problem. Data collection was undertaken by using the survey as a non-observational instrument, applied within a sample in three types of population: teachers, parents and students, this in order to analyze the data from three perspectives or different viewpoints. Data and findings emerged from the application of the surveys were analyzed and explained through PCI, POAM and SWOT matrices, which led the researchers to identify the real, useful and achievable factors for strengthening the development of communication skills. Likewise, this information allowed to establish the research prospective approach, its strategic planning as a constant process of monitoring and evaluation towards the development of the project. In addition, the macro, meso and micro curriculum for the population under study was done. The technical and market study was also defined, as well as the budget that leads to the recognition of the viability of the project. Based on all the aforementioned, a quality policy was structured, a map of processes, risks and its possible mitigation plan. Finally, the project evaluation process was established in order to recognize and stipulate improvement opportunities.
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    Creación de estrategias lúdicas para el desarrollo de las habilidades lingüísticas en inglés para niños de 4 a 6 años
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Especialización en Gerencia de Proyectos Educativos, Bogotá, 2017) Beltran Urrego, Diana Carolina; Mejia Manrique, Leidi Jimena; Cruz, Gladys
    Taking into account that nowadays there is a need to interact with other cultures existing around the world, the arrival of globalization and the use of technological means, is intended to be used by the majority of the community with the main purpose of becoming bilingual. In Colombia, bilingual programs have been created to conceive competent citizens by improving their professional and intellectual ethics, and the goal (is to meet) of meeting those needs in the face of communication and interaction for everybody. This program sometimes does not cover the entire population, and its origin is for free and directed to all ages, also, it may be implemented in public schools nationwide; In Tabio there are no foreign language programs and in public schools most of the teachers are not trained to develop students’ English skills, therefore, dinamic strategies are designed in English with the intention of motivating the child population learning attitude, towards teaching and learning a second language, covering the needs in social strata 1 and 2 in the rural area of the municipality and contributing to the goal that seeks to be achieved nationwide. After diagnosing, recording and processing information regarding low cognitive performance on second language learning for children from 4 to 6 years old in the municipality and with the implementation, application and study of a pilot test as a sample instrument for the teachers from a local school; It is established that a pedagogical proposal can be created with dinamic strategies in the development of English language skills, this proposal was designed and studied during a year of processes and knowledge to strengthen this learning in the specialization of educational projects management of The Cooperative University of Colombia. During the project design it is proposed to continue with the implementation and progress of the program in the town until it becomes a leader in the development of bilingualism locally.
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    Adaptación curricular para niños en básica primaria con trastornos del aprendizaje en el Colegio José Acevedo y Gómez IED para favorecer los procesos de lectura y escritura
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Especialización en Gerencia de proyectos Educativos , Bogotá, 2018-01) Alviz, Martha Mayerli; Mora Lopez, Sonia Yadira; Velasquez Gaviria, Luisa Fernanda; Barreto, Nelsy
    This research project aims to promote reading and writing processes, contextualizing the processes of curricular adaptation for boys and girls in elementary school with disorders and / or learning difficulties at the José Acevedo y Gómez IED school. To this end, in a first stage, through a survey applied to the 14 participating teachers, the areas of knowledge that present the greatest recurrence in disorders and / or learning difficulties in the students were identified, later instruments were adapted to perform the characterization of the processes specific to reading and writing in those that presented greater difficulty, the same ones that in a final stage will offer support to establish the curricular adaptations that each student will require. The present project is based on the design of educational action research, as a continuous, reflective and systematic process, through which the teacher identifies problems, reflects and acts to improve the teaching-learning process. Instruments given by the Secretary of Education of Bogotá were taken and adapted, so that the institution and the teachers welcome them as a support tool and thus monitor and control the actions to be carried out to offer assistance to students with possible disorders and / or difficulties. of learning. Such as characterization battery, evaluation of institutional management, characterization of students with disorders and / or learning difficulties in the reading and writing processes
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    Propuesta aula invertida como enfoque metodológico en el diseño de una estrategia didáctica para el mejoramiento de procesos de comprensión lectora – lectura crítica – en estudiantes de grado undécimo.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Administrativas y Contables, Especialización en Gerencia de Proyectos Educativos, Bogotá, 2019-03-14) Diaz Delgado, Luis Arturo; Forero Bautista, Doris; Siabato Patiño, Margarita
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    Propuesta de implementación del uso de la comunicación organizacional, para el mejoramiento del clima laboral
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Especialización en Gerencia de Proyectos Educativos, Bogotá, 2018) Peña Penagos, Liliana Sofia; Hernández Castillo, Aura Jeannette; Rodríguez Martínez, Giovanny
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    Propuesta para el fortalecimiento del emprendimiento positivo de los niños y niñas del Centro Educativo Amigos de la Naturaleza a través de la educación artística
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Especialización en Gerencia de Proyectos Educativos, Bogotá, 2017) Pisco Sáenz, Angélica María; Rodríguez Martínez, Giovanny
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    Diseño de un plan de mejoramiento en los factores de acreditación procesos académicos y organización, administración y gestión del programa de Ingeniería de Sistemas de la Corporación Unificada Nacional de Educación Superior CUN
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Especialización en Gerencia de Proyectos Educativos, Bogotá, 2018) Ramirez Vivas, Yeey Emilsen; Moreno Soler, Nydia Yinneth; Ducuara Ibarra, Diana Marcela; Rodriguez, Giovanny