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    Deconstrucción de la conducta prosocial: una mirada de encuentros
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Ediciones Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, 2020-12) Pérez Correa, Kethy Luz; Salas Picón, Wilson Miguel; Rodríguez Díaz, Alicia del Carmen; Durán Castañeda, Denier Jafeth
    Human nature is determined by various social, environmental, political, cultural, and psychological factors; human beings are social constructions. In this sense, since childhood the first dynamics in the social world are experienced and from there, behaviors and the possibilities for success in adult life are modulated. From the above, the objective of this book is to explore the scientific production on prosocial behaviors in infants with the prospect of enabling the development of intervention strategies at an early age. Methodologically it is a work that was developed from a critical and reflective perspective, exploring academic productions around the understanding of Bandura’s theory of vicarious learning from the neuroscience in childhood, cognitive and emotional processes as predictors of prosocial behavior and empathy from the vicarious learning process in childhood, the understanding of social relationships, disruptive behaviors and prosocial processes from vicarious learning and finally, a bibliometric analysis about the prosocial behavior. All these theoretical routes are to contribute to the generation of scenarios for understanding and transforming social processes in infants. It is important to highlight that prosocial behavior has been studied from adolescence to adulthood due to the implications it has on human relationships, form their behaviors and understanding of social norms and the acquisition of higher cognitive processes that allow them to understand and evaluate the moral patterns of their culture, however, in childhood the first displays are develop, displays of the integration of cultural patterns and norms, due to the initiation of the process of social interaction, cognitive development, and learning from the “teaching-learning” process.
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    Demografía y migraciones en la globalización
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Ediciones Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, 2018-03) Guzmán, Gustavo
    Humanity has been in a demographic transition since Homo sapiens moved 70 000 years ago from East Africa through the Arabian Peninsula to conquer the planet. Historically, human beings have migrated to improve their living conditions or for security reasons. Due to current technologies, the established international order, and ease of transportation, the number of migrants —which is small compared to the world population— will grow and be increasingly composed of qualified individuals and people from developed countries. This book draws attention to the unprecedented turn and vertigo that twenty-first century globalization has caused in the historical demographic transition. Population grows less rapidly and is getting older, so age structure is changing and, with it, the consumption habits that impact economies. Since it has been proved that migrants are beneficial for societies that know how to welcome them, it is argued that they and technologies are key to face the lack of generational renewal that some countries are beginning to suffer.
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    Diálogos y debates de la investigación jurídica y sociojurídica en Nariño
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Ediciones Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, 2020-06) Casanova Mejía, Andrea Carolina; Camacho Vinueza, Daniela; Hernández Silva, Romel Armando; Ruiz Quintero, Jimmy Ancibal
    This book is divided into two thematic parts. The first addresses the most recent discussions regarding contemporary debates of law. Topics related to labor law —labor and sex workers rights— are discussed; private law —religious indoctrination—, the theory and philosophy of law —democracy, rule of law and responsibilities of the legislator—; and the relationship of law with education around peace and respect for diversity. The second part is devoted to Law and social struggles: private security policies and the monopoly of legitimate violence in the areas affected by the armed conflict; agrarian reform from a historical and economic perspective; the rights of nature; the role of ethnoeducation in the dynamics of empowerment of the indigenous and Afro-Colombian population; and the importance of sustainable development in the promotion and use of non-conventional renewable energy. The topics covered in are approached from economic, sociological, philosophical and legal perspectives, which allows the debate about the realities of Nariñenses to be easily understood and analyzed for the different readers.
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    Las crisis en el multilateralismo y en los acuerdos regionales
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Ediciones Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, 2017-09) Peña, Félix
    The loss of effectiveness of the multilateral system of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the tensions created by interregional trade agreements and the difficulties in regional integration agreements require, in particular for the Latin American countries, to reflect on the strategies of external insertion, to face the new distribution of world power, with its impact on global economic competence, and to participate in the transition towards a new international economic order. In order to achieve this, is necessary the redesign of the multilateral trading system with the adjustment of existing rules, the alignment with the multiple regional or interregional preferential trade spaces, and a more intense regional economic integration and cooperation in the different spaces formed by the Latin American countries. This book analyzes the factors affecting crises in the multilateral trading system and regional agreements, and proposes courses of action to develop at the national, regional and global levels.
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    Geopolítica y geoeconomía en el proceso globalizador
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Centro de Pensamiento Global, Bogotá, 2016-08) Giacalone, Rita
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    Sunna Gua: constataciones del alma
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Psicología, Bogotá, 2020-10) León Romero, Luis Eduardo; Pérez Gil, Paola Andrea
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    Marco regulatorio del derecho de autor en Colombia
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Derecho, Maestría en Propiedad Intelectual, Bogotá, 2020-10) Barreto Granada, Piedad Lucía; Ortiz López, Carlos Alberto; Peña Meléndez, Wilson Libardo; Varón Cárdenas, Diana Alexandra
    Copyright is part of those sectors subject to a complex condition of variability marked by new creations and their effects on the market, by debates on the commodification of works versus the cultural value they have, by the effects of a globalized world in which guaranteeing the protection of works and at the same time obtaining the best of the benefits is a challenge in which actors from different disciplines and sectors have an interest. In this scenario, this book offers an approach to copyright from the constitutional, civil, criminal, disciplinary, and international aspects, and for each of these views, the doctrinal, legal, and jurisprudential references are basic elements in the exercise of providing a complete, updated text and, in this sense, a useful tool for people of different backgrounds who understand the importance and transversal nature and impact of adequate knowledge of the copyright regulatory framework to strengthen the processes of creation, protection, diffusion and commercialization of works.
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    Estudios de la Orinoquia y Amazonia, Tomo II: Ciencias sociales y humanas en la Orinoquia y la Amazonia
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Ediciones Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Bogotá, 2019-11) Vizcaíno Gutiérrez, Milcíades; Cortés Garzón, Lina; Kapfhammer, Wolfgang; Virga Passos, Thais; Silva da Costa, Marcilene; Vieco Albarracín, Juan José
    The interdisciplinary collection Studies of the Orinoquia and the Amazon seeks to generate knowledge, encourage academic discussion and assume alternative solutions to regional problems in the Orinoquia and the Amazon. If the Orinoquia and the Amazon are special territories due to their historical abandonment and they constitute a unique region, they must have a special treatment that facilitates their development and promotes access to scientific knowledge and goods produced in the developed world with respect for populations ancestral and regional cultures. In this second volume are works related to social and human sciences in these regions. Topics ranging from education in the Orinoquia are addressed; geopolitics, physical integration and development in the Amazon; passing through the quilombolas collectives in the Brazilian Amazon; contemporary Amazonian painting; indigenous life plans of the Amazon and Orinoquia; until the study of myth, the market and multiple ontologies in a forest garden project among the Sateré-Mawé of the Brazilian Amazon. The themes are varied and must be assumed from a theoretical, methodological and procedural opening to reach an understanding of the phenomenon in its dimensions and its contexts.
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    Los actuales desafíos del proceso de globalización
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Centro de Pensamiento Global, Bogotá, 2016-05) Vieira Posada, Edgar
    This book discusses the main challenges of the globalization process nowadays, concerning the adjustments to the neoliberal economic model due to the negative effects of financial crises, the development goals for the next fifteen years, the transcendental technological changes, their implications in the development of cognitive capitalism, the difficult task of facing the consequences of global warming, the implications of the prevalence of human rights over the rights of nations, and the possibilities of emerging nations in the redistribution of world power in an environment altered by the presence of fundamentalist groups. These challenges suggest the relevance of a globalizing process that, given the time elapsed, deserves changes worldwide.
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    Jóvenes con VIH/sida: sus recursos para afrontar el riesgo suicida
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Psicología, Neiva, 2019-04) Pastrana Morales, Edna Yoly
    Studying human behaviour in its complexity is a constant task that de mands rigor and the responsibility of integrating its findings to the understanding of social realities. This is the purpose of this book, the product of a qualitative study, justified by the incidence of HIV/AIDS and suicide in young people, mental health events that have been addressed from the psychosocial by researchers and organizations and entities who seek to deepen the study of their risk factors, for the structuring and implementation of public policies for prevention and intervention in these cases. The book exposes, in its first part, the antecedents of the problematic and the relevance, the importance and the scopes of the study, to then expand theoretically and empirically each one of the examined categories of analysis (i. e., HIV/ AIDS, suicidal ideation, suicidal behaviours and coping). It also shows the methodological procedure used: from an open interview, the experiences of a group of young people with HIV/AIDS are analysed. With this, we identify suicidal ideations and desires that affect their quality of life, but also a set of cognitive, emotional and behavioural internal resources that contribute to the coping process, necessary to continue life with the human immunodeficiency virus, are also evidenced and described. It is concluded that these young participants, despite the impact and emotional pain generated from the diagnosis —added to the stress caused by stigmatization, rejection, discrimination and guilt— have internal resources and mechanisms that allow them to continue with their project. lifetime.