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    Prueba de Concepto UCC
    (1, 2023-11-11) Prueba de Concepto UCC, Prueba de Concepto UCC
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    prueba MAGL19
    (1, 2023-04-10) NA, BA; Guzman, Prueba; NA, NA
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    Estrategias para el desarrollo nacional y local: una propuesta de gestión pública con enfoque desde la ética
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería de Sistemas, Montería, 2021-05-04) Pinedo López, Jhon William; Lora Ochoa, Carmen; Torres Hoyos, Francisco José
    The central purpose of this work is to present a proposal for local and national development strategies to contribute to the improvement of the adverse social, economic and environmental indicators presented in the Colombian context. The methodology is purposeful as part of a diagnosis of local, national, social, economic and environmental situation that allows the design of the proposal with an emphasis on ethics, based on the principles of truth, justice, kindness, cooperation, solidarity and responsibility. The main results indicate that local, and national development plans are not enough to reduce the negative statistics in terms of coexistence, economy and sustainability and to contain crime, in that way, they allow Governments to achieve goals. One important conclusion is that this proposal is a viable option, since it contains the fundamental principles to achieve a sustainable society despite the differences of human beings and because it is designed to reach all sectors of society and renew individual thinking and the collective imagination that rejects the principles set out in the 21st century.
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    Impacto de proyecto de arborización en ciudad Bolívar (Bogotá)
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2017) Campos Novoa, Daniel Alonso; Ballestas Caro, Nancy
    In the context of the serious problem of climate change, it is essential insist on the need to incorporate the evaluation of the environmental impact in the Plans of Development, since these mark the course with which local governments will direct their communities for a certain period of time; indifference on the part of governments towards the environmental issue currently has the planet in a critical condition. Two important factors that intervene in the problem of climate change are the intense deforestation for urban purposes, and the pollution produced in the framework of various economic activities. Although it is true, within the framework of human dignity, every person has the right to a housing, just as the objective of any society is to progress; however, it turns out It is essential that all of this be sought and carried out without detriment to the resources natural. Societies must understand that we are part of an ecosystem and that if that we do harms some component of it, it is necessary to modify it and even suspend it. This insistence on evaluating the environmental impact in the Development Plans has no the purpose of slowing down the economy or the development of the country, in the long run it is important because proposes to develop the potential of societies, and simultaneously protect the environment.
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    (Universidad cooperativa de Colombia, Bogota, Comercio internacional, 2022-09-12) Reyes Claros, Edgar
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    Revisión sistemática de literatura: Identificación de factores de riesgo de la enfermedad de Newcastle en el ámbito laboral
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud, Medicina Veterinaría y Zootecnia, Ibagué, 2022-05) Salazar Parra, Cielo Magnolia; Sanmiguel Plazas, Rosa Angélica
    During the exercise of the poultry profession, workers in the field are exposed to a wide range of zoonotic pathogens, around 64.3% of them report having contracted at least one of these diseases during their work performance. There has been evidence of the lack of studies on occupational diseases and the implementation of protocols that allow mitigating their effects, as well as the implementation of biosafety standards that constitute an essential tool in the prevention of risks and diseases in labor. These programs must go hand in hand with a qualified occupational health team with the purpose and main objective of preserving the good health of workers in contact with animals. This article condenses the information related to the casuistry of the Newcastle in poultry workers, highlighting epidemiological aspects, since, to date, the treatments in humans are symptomatic and focused on the respiratory system.
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    Demography and migrations in globalization
    (Ediciones Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, ) Guzmán, Gustavo; Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia
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    (Ediciones Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, ) Restrepo Velásquez, Carlos Julio; Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia
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    Geopolitics and geoeconomics in the globalizing process
    (Ediciones Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, ) Giacalone, Rita; Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela
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    Interregionalism between the European Union (EU) and Latin America
    (Ediciones Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, ) Ayuso, Anna; Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia; Caballero, Sergio; Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia