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    La enseñanza de las competencias ciudadanas mediante la función preventiva general de la pena dirigida a jóvenes adolescentes estudiantes del colegio Federico García Lorca
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Educación, Especialización en Docencia Universitaria, Bogotá, 2022-11-30) Carrillo Duarte, Ciro David; Gonzalez Chiquiza, Yonatan Alexander; Oviedo, Elizabeth
    The increase in criminal acts in our society is positioned with great damages that affect the life model of Colombian families, mainly those of low resources that have not been able to access technical and/or university education levels as a result of the great social imbalances and the conditions that have remained and emerged in our republic throughout history.
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    La lectura como estrategia para fortalecer procesos de enseñanza aprendizaje a través de la aplicación de variedad de lecturas en los estudiantes del grado quinto de primaria del colegio Miravalle.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Especialización en Docencia Universitaria, Bogotá, 2022) Salazar Dávila, Aminta Rocio; Oviedo, Elizabeth
    The project titled, reading as a strategy to strengthen teaching processes learning through the application of a variety of readings in the students of the grade fifth grade of primary school Miravalle, aims to promote processes of analysis and reading comprehension in students, with the use of technological tools that encourage reading habits, through a variety of texts from different authors Colombians, as a plan to reinforce the reading and teaching-learning process. Topics will be deepened such as: reading and comprehension, education, values, teaching-learning, role of the student, of the teacher in front of the reading, cooperative learning. There will be workshops, plays, reading clubs of different writers, in which the students will be the ones who propose, participate and develop each of the activities with the guidance of their teachers and the accompaniment of his family. The result will be evaluated after the application of activities and workshops readers, such as vocalization, intonation, reading comprehension, and speed with which What does each student read?.
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    La lectura de imágenes como estrategia pedagógica a partir del cerebro triádico con los niños del grado kínder del colegio Claretiano de Bosa
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Especialización en Docencia Universitaria, Bogotá, 2022-09-24) Avila Sanabria, Nidia Yolima; Guerrero Carlos, Diana Milena; Oviedo, Elizabeth
    The challenges of education in the 21st century imply for teachers a profound pedagogical reflection in relation to their work and their determining role in breaking paradigms and transforming the society faced by new generations from school. The globalized world mediated by technologies and the overflow of information is leaving in the background the being and the work of the teacher and the school; it is required to review and rethink the methodology and didactics that are implemented in the classrooms, since, if the students are not known, if it is not known how they learn, what arouses their interest and how their thought processes are structured, it will be difficult to make progress in terms of quality of education.
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    Comportamiento del plagio académico realizado por los estudiantes de último semestre de la universidad cooperativa de Colombia sede Bogotá en tiempos de pandemia Covid 19
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Especialización en Docencia Universitaria, Bogotá, 2022) Tique Zubieta, Amanda; Oviedo, Elizabeth
    Plagiarism is the action of appropriating, by means of a textual copy, part or all of another's work without giving the corresponding credit, and disseminating it, claiming authorship to obtain a particular benefit, which can range from recognition and prestige to financial compensation. . (GANTUS, F. 2016). The need and urgency that the current health crisis brought with it, made governments close the doors of educational institutions as a measure to mitigate the effects of the pandemic, thus affecting 94% of students worldwide (UNESCO 2020). It is important to have as a theoretical reference all the terms that the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO 1980) provides us regarding copyright and related rights.
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    Diseño del Contenido Curricular del Curso “Vehículos Híbridos y Eléctricos” para el Programa Tecnología en Mecánica Automotriz de la Universidad ECCI
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Especialización en Docencia Universitaria, Bogotá, 2022-09-24) Pedreros Moreno, Julián Felipe; Oviedo, Elizabeth
    The electric vehicle industry is revolutionizing the automotive world today. These vehicles are relatively simpler than combustion models, so it is not only affecting the production process, for example, with the reduction of such specialized suppliers, but it is also changing the concept of mobility at all levels. (García Jaime - Serrano Oliveros, 2008, p. 17). In Colombia this growth has not been different, but it has been significant in the last 5 years, where we went from 278 units registered in 2016 to 17,702 units of electric mobility vehicles (BEV, HEV, PHEV) in 2021, showing a growth of 194.8% with respect to 2020. Which demonstrates the importance of this new technology in the automotive sector in the country. (National Association for Sustainable Mobility, 2022). Clearly from the academy, research has been an important factor, given that through research has opened the possibility of making so many evolutions in the automotive field. The academy, together with the automotive industry, has also undergone an evolution of both scientific and educational paradigms, and has had the need to evolve the contents of study. However, in Colombia, given the delay in the entry of this new stage of mobility, higher education institutions have also suffered the slowdown of including this new topic in their curricular content in those where training in vehicle technology is taught. And it is through this intervention project where we want to merge these two elements, electric mobility technology and academia, to create a curricular content based on professional competencies that meets the needs of a new mobility scenario.
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    Programa metodológico para superar dificultades de enseñanza/aprendizaje de las matemáticas en entornos digitales en profesores/estudiantes de ingeniería.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Especialización en Docencia Universitaria, Bogotá, 2022-09-24) Murillo Romero, Juan Camilo; Oviedo, Elizabeth
    The changing post-pandemic educational environment for learning mathematics has brought enormous difficulties for the performance of students in the first semesters of engineering careers at the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia. However, in order to address the entire problem, teachers must also be included in their teaching role, which also has a significant impact on the learning process of each student. We have been in the pandemic for 2 years and although society has considerably reconfigured the ways of teaching/learning, no one has attempted to assess whether these decisions are correct under virtual modalities. Possibly the poor results of these practices begin to gain importance a couple of years later, when the academic performance of young people is unfeasible in subjects that require basic foundations, but well established since their university beginnings. This intervention seeks to promptly identify the individual and collective difficulties of both teachers and students and promotes planning of real actions aimed at eliminating the causes. Virtual education is not taking a video transmission of a class board, it is reaching, convincing and ensuring knowledge, but above all taking advantage of the immense world of digital tools that are there in the cloud for everyone's disposal. Precisely this intervention focuses on developing a pedagogical program that serves as a response to the difficulties that arise from the diagnosis and that allows closing the gap between formal face-to-face education and virtual education for the mathematical sciences of these first-semester engineering students. After the intervention, it is expected that the teaching of mathematics in digital environments not only has better results than face-to-face teaching, but also serves as a collateral effect to the implementation of these tools within the same face-to-face studies and why not to replicate it and extend it to other areas of knowledge. The pandemic has not gone away and although the vast majority of Latin American countries have returned to face-to-face teaching, it is not ruled out that current digital teaching methods continue to be part of the educational reality proposed by universities, in this way it will be vital to take urgent decisions about the usefulness of these tools in students who today more than before require quality training in the desired modality.
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    Guía inicial para la creación de Recursos Educativos Digitales
    (Dirección de Innovación y Tecnologías Educativas. Subdirección Nacional E-learning, Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, 2022-10) Subdirección Nacional E-learning; Ruiz Cediel, María Mercedes; Soto Molina, Natalia; Espinal, Claudia Elena; Botero Gómez, Yojan; Ricaurte Avendaño, Angélica
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    Estrategias metodológicas que determinan y fomentan el pensamiento creativo en los estudiantes del grado noveno del colegio Class IED
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Especialización en Docencia Universitaria, Bogotá, 2022-11-03) Buitrago Medina, Dary Yohanna; Oviedo, Elizabeth
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    Estrategias no jurídicas, para una formación integral como abogado
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Especialización en Docencia Universitaria, Bogotá, 2022-09-24) Abadía Díaz, Roy Alexander; Oviedo, Elizabeth
    When observing the results of the Saber Pro Tests or some instrument that shows the level of preparation of law students in general and of the Republican University Corporation or its recent graduates, in particular, it is concluded that their poor performance is due to their deficit in: reading comprehension, critical analysis, argumentation, written communication and citizenship skills. Not having knowledge about a specific topic or gaps in it is something that can happen to anyone, but not in the framework of a judicial action or in the development of an activity in which performance is decisive. For these reasons, the intervention project is presented, with the aim of providing students with tools that allow them a comprehensive education, reinforcing their knowledge in non-specific areas of law, but as important as those.
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    Estrategias de enseñanza para profesionales del ejercicio en la practica de actividad física de personas en condición de discapacidad en una, dos o mas extremidades faltantes.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Educación, Especialización en Docencia Universitaria, Bogota., 2022-06-24) Sánchez Carrillo, Daniel Fernando; Rivera Rico, Diego Alejandro; Farieta, Katerin
    Within the society which advances day by day in different fields, there are endless points or elements which today lack attention and tools for their advancement and development, with the aforementioned it is intended to emphasize the lack counseling at the level of sports training and physical activity in the gym that exists for people with physical disabilities with one, two or more missing limbs.