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    Transformación de la comunicación escrita y su uso en el aula educativa
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2023) Rico Rodríguez, Juan Camilo; Robelto Cantor, Lida María
    Communication has presented different and complex changes over time thanks to events, events or social movements that have culturally and technologically transformed senders, receivers and the channel where it is transmitted, therefore, the message has also been involved in variations that, although considered good or bad, are necessary to understand the confusing and unpredictable timeline of evolution, are necessary to understand the confusing and unforeseen timeline that evolution has, which is why, both background and current reflections, were exposed in this document, with the aim of understanding how these changes affect the university written language and taking into account two subjects that make up this 'ecosystem' such as the student and the teacher. Although it is not possible to define exactly the cultural magnitude that social networks have had on today's society, it is palpable to have a historical reference of authors who interpreted communication even before the Internet, resulting in an analysis that allows the reader's interpretation under comparative conclusions and directed to know how language, writing and interpersonal relationships influence today. Not to mention that, being an educational environment, the cultural influence of this digital and technological universe directly involves the one who teaches and the one who learns, creating an inevitable link that will be transmitted for generations and where adaptation is necessary to meet objectives according to the protagonist.
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    Procesos de comunicación para el cambio social, implementados por mujeres víctimas del conflicto armado, que contribuyen con la reconstrucción de tejido social.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2021-04-20) Leiva Rubiano, Andres Felipe; Unriza, Maria Elsa
    The recognition of the different views that are perceived from the various actors of the Colombian armed conflict in relation to women is the first postulate that gives rise to the proposal of this research. These approaches allow an analysis of the relationship between woman-victim, woman-perpetrator, woman-victimization; community- woman, reconstruction- woman and woman builder. After a theoretical and background analysis, some first experiences are recognized, in which women who have been affected by different forms, actors and processes of violence, within the Colombian armed conflict, show reinsertion actions supported by communication processes that serve as appropriation community and as a form of social change, which leads to the reconstruction of the social fabric. Communication processes as a mechanism for achieve empowerment, they allow communities to self-manage and make autonomous decisions, it shows them another form of power that, in the manner of Hanna Arendt (1969), constitutes true power, where participation, inclusion, the valuation of the individual subject allows social consolidation. The empowerment and self-management of the processes can be read then, in the ability to associate their capacities in a context that offers them possibilities to grow and to exercise autonomy and citizenship in favor of well-being and peaceful coexistence.
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    Estrategia de comunicación externa para Ascoop
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2021-11-15) Sánchez Díaz, Claudia Andrea; Ramírez Moreno , Juan Sebastián
    This degree work was carried out within the framework of the Strategic Communications Plan (PECO) and was developed from its phases to achieve the achievement of the bases and determination of the problems of the Association and thus, through an application of a SWOT matrix, the construction of the Buyer Persona Corporativo profile and a structured action plan aimed at fulfilling the objective of this document, which is a strategy that improves the external communication of the Colombian Association of Cooperatives - Ascoop. Ascoop is a representative body of the cooperative sector that has more than 61 years of history and a long history in the consolidation and strengthening of cooperativism in Colombia. It carries out its mission through advocacy, representation and integration of charitable organizations that are associated with this body and that constitute its main target audience.
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    Práctica empresarial, realizada en el centro de sistemas de Antioquia (Censa), sede Montería
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Medellín y Envigado, 2023-03-02) Pacheco Mendoza, Natalia Eugenia; Mesa Franco Ana Lucía; Lozano Lara Lorena
    Communication is defined as "the action and effect of communicating or communicating", that is, the interaction between individuals through a channel and the use of a message establish the effectiveness of communication (Royal Spanish Academy, 2021). At present, the importance of the message in the different digital channels that are used in the social exercise is fundamental, since they establish the actions between senders and receivers.
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    Práctica desarrollada para la dependencia gerencia de seguridad vial de la Gobernación de Antioquia
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Medellín y Envigado, 2023-07-11) Medina Reina, Valery Julieth; Mesa Franco, Ana Lucía; Arredondo Betancur, Ana María
    This paper presents the work done in the area of social communication for the Road Safety Management, through the internship done by Valery Medina, a student of social communication at the Cooperative University of Colombia. The Road Safety Management is an agency belonging to the Government of Antioquia, Colombia, which is mainly dedicated to care for the lives of road actors, propose tactics to ensure road safety, support the municipalities of Antioquia to develop new purposes to reduce road accidents and impact the culture of road actors in that municipality and to continue previous projects to strengthen road safety. The aforementioned agency, where the professional practice was exercised, apart from performing functions for the protection of road actors, also acts as a transit agency, in this case, it is called Departmental Transit, which is responsible for 89 municipalities, so far, that do not have a transit agency. As a transit agency, it also carries out procedures for motor vehicles that are registered with this agency. Within the agency, communication is fundamental, because in order to fulfill its objectives, it is necessary that the internal public recognizes its work to exercise it in the best way and the external public is informed, because mobility and transportation nowadays in our society is fundamental, likewise, the agency does not have a communications equipment that can supply certain needs, however, the practice of excellence was performed in such a way that the needs were more than solved and that from the guidance of the colleagues of the unit on the area of knowledge, in this case transit, and from the guidance of the communicators of the Governorate of Antioquia, who help to follow an identity and campaigns are better received, it was established in the best way campaigns that were successful and learning that exploited the knowledge learned at the university. For the implementation of campaigns, tactics and dissemination, a diagnosis was made by means of the SWOT matrix for the unit in the internal and external area and initial commitments were also established for the professional practice, called practice of excellence by the organization. These commitments were agreed through the need that the student Valery Medina saw through the SWOT matrix for the unit, and the need from the experience, in this case, personnel from the Road Safety Management, such as the Road Safety Manager, Alexander Morales and the university professional Ana María Arredondo, tutor assigned by the Government of Antioquia to support the practice of excellence of Valery Medina.
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    Elaboración de un plan de marketing y rediseño al sitio web de Asomemoria como organización sin ánimo de lucro
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2023) Gómez Pulido, Yenci Yurendy; Orjuela Garzón, Carlos Andrés; Sochimilca Socha, Orlando Arturo
    Asomemoria is a private non-profit organization, which seeks the reconstruction of memory for the victims of the armed conflict, generating processes that can benefit these people. The link to Asomemoria is mainly due to the interest in using a communication plan that allows social marketing to the organization, in order to encourage the dissemination of what is done there. Multiple communication alternatives have been found to which the work together with Asomemoria, to strengthen their media.
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    Comunicación interna por medio de estudio de cultura para la implementación de estrategias comunicativas sobre el buen uso del material para la biblioteca central de la universidad cooperativa de Colombia.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2022-06-17) Aldana Peña, Juan David; Ramirez Moreno, Juan Sebastian
    This document is presented in degree modality as a social practice, which arises with the function of evaluation the internal communication through a study of culture, for the implementation of communicative strategies, on the good use of the material for the Central Library of the University Colombian Cooperative. This activity was developed in order to follow up on the proposals previously generated, for the well-being of the Institution. To carry out this proposal, a previous follow-up was made to the investigations previously carried out, in the same way, semi-structured interviews with the Library management, in order to analyze the correct path of diagnosis that should be taken in the inquiry. In this way, it was determined that the way forward was to use the Culture Model proposed by Daniel R. Denison, which will allow us know through statistical data the real problems of the institution
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    Edición de contenido para el Flipbook cuarta edición 2023 para la empresa DBSS INTERNATIONAL
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2023-05) Moreno Fonseca, Andrew Camilo; Monroy Castellanos , Cristina
    The development of the Corporate and Solidarity Social Practice in the DBSS INTERNATIONAL entity, was given in order to strengthen digital communication with team members and customers, who are the main axis of any business idea. That is why, therefore, theoretical and practical concepts were developed that allowed to consolidate a tool with which customers will be aware of the main axis of the company through investigative blogs, the formation of the work team, its shop section, the next courses that will be taught together with its strategic allies and will be able to find interaction between audio and video. For this, objectives were set which were worked under a practice agenda established in accordance with the company and the Cooperative University of Colombia, this was distributed in activities that contributed to the need that DBSS had at that time. It is important to clarify that the sector of activities of the company in mention is scientific research related to sport and health, which is why its requirements were oriented to the development of a digital magazine, made up of different communicative pieces and advertising. To meet this need, the fourth edition flipbook was developed under the supervision of the work team and additional in June will be published in different media of the company. The execution of this work was given thanks to the knowledge acquired during the social communication program and the guidance of teachers belonging to the Cooperative University of Colombia.
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    El uso de la narrativa audiovisual en las redes sociales
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Comunicación Social, Bogotá, 2023) Peña Cepeda, Lina Carolina; Monroy Castellanos , Cristina
    The audiovisual narrative is a means of expression, in which fictional stories or stories of life itself can betold, which, through different visual and sound elements, can contribute to cultural and social change within the different digital and audiovisual media, including social networks. This systematic analysis of literature explains the research developed during a period of approximatelyfour months, whose purpose is to find how the audiovisual narrative has adapted, as time goes by, within the current digital technologies such as social networks, being a channel of cultural and social communication. To reach this conclusion, classic authors such as Vladimir Proop and the most recent authors, among them Albert Laffay, were taken into account, from their knowledge, theories, structuring new approaches and explaining the importance of understanding the communication channels in current technologies as instruments to narrate contemporary reality.