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    Plan de negocios para la creación de la empresa BallArc Group, enfocada en el suministro, reparación y mantenimiento de sistemas de refrigeración y aire acondicionado industrial en la ciudad de Bogotá.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería Industrial, Bogotá, 2023) Ballesteros Archila, Johan Gabriel; Velasquez Perilla, Pablo Elias
    In Colombia, the air conditioning company sector has developed significantly in recent years due to the growing interest of consumers in improving their quality of life using air conditioning technologies. These technologies have spread widely due to the effects of climate change and the development of network and communications companies that use these systems to cool their operating plants. Additionally, with the appearance in 2020 of Covid-19, a global emergency that brought the obligation to keep closed environments mostly ventilated and that have air circulation and purification, especially in clinics and hospitals, the demand for specialized systems increased significantly. This increase in demand has brought with it challenges and opportunities that new companies can and should take advantage of to position themselves in the market. This document contains the business plan of the company BallArc Group, which is proposed to provide service to the market of the city of Bogotá.
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    Estrategia de transformación digital desde la perspectiva del marketing: el caso de la unidad de negocio Segeln de la empresa industrias Nki S.A.S.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería Industrial, Cali, 2023-05) Martinez Cifuentes , Lina Marcela; Cambindo Trujillo , Hellen Melissa; Cano Beltrán, Jhon Haiden; Alzate Mejia, Nestor; Lozada Pincay, Jorge Luis
    We present the digital transformation project of the SEGELN business unit, which aims to increase market share and strengthen brand identity. With the implementation of appropriate tools and the commitment of management, we expect to exceed budgeted expectations and consolidate our position in the market. In addition, we recognize that digital transformation has a positive social impact by improving the quality of life of our employees and allowing us to expand internationally. This proposal will allow us to obtain economic benefits and improve customer satisfaction, generating trust and strengthening our competitive position in the sector.
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    La Innovación en America Latina y su incidencia en la productividad y competitividad
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería Industrial, Cali, 2022) Quiroga Parra, Dario Jesús; Caicedo Concha, Diana Milena; Hernández Arias, Beatriz Elena; Murcia Zorrilla, Claudia Patrica
    The global dynamics of the last four decades were marked by accelerated scientific advances and these, in turn, by the intensive use of information and knowledge concentrated in the use of information and communication technologies (ICT); These processes have had rapid developments of innovation as their backbone. The purpose of the chapter was to carry out a theoretical and statistical approach to the advances and developments of the innovation processes of Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica and Mexico, countries considered as a representative statistical sample of Latin America, in terms of innovation. , theoretically since 2000 and empirically since 2013. This document was the product of a research project, financed by the Cooperative University of Colombia, in which innovation was considered a new factor for improving productivity in companies and in countries. This was an exploratory, descriptive, essentially theoretical and empirical work from descriptive statistics, in which it was shown how Costa Rica, Chile and even Mexico have been significantly improving their innovation processes over the last five years, while Other countries such as Brazil and Colombia presented a mix between stagnation and regression, affecting productivity and competitiveness. It was concluded that Costa Rica, to date, has expressed relevant potential in terms of innovation, ranking first in Latin America.
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    Estrategia de mercadeo para incrementar las ventas a nivel nacional en la empresa Product Plast S.A.S. en la línea de tarrinas y cubiertos desechables
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería Industrial, Cali, 2023-05-31) Caipe Mendez, Katerine; Rodriguez Hinestroza , Daminson Breiner; Tabares García , Beatriz Elena; Harry Valencia Ayala; Oscar Molina
    Product Plast S.A.S. is a family business dedicated for more than five decades to the manufacture and sale of plastic products such as: disposables, shirt packaging, plastic clothes hooks, elizabethan collars, polypropylene sheets and plastic masks, it has a long history and recognition in the market for the quality of its products and the competitive price. For this reason, the company has evidenced the need to increase and stabilize its sales at the national level, mainly in one of its most outstanding lines, that of disposable supplies: cutlery and tubs, through the development and implementation of a marketing strategy that allow you to boost your physical and digital sales.
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    Evaluation of Leachate Recirculation as a Stabilisation Strategy for Landfills in Developing Countries
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería Industrial, Cali, 2022-09) Caicedo Concha, Diana Milena; Sandoval Cobo, John J.; Marmolejo Rebellón, Luis Fernando; Torres Lozada, Patricia; Fellner, Johann
    This study evaluated leachate recirculation (LR) as a stabilisation strategy for landfills using bioreactor experiments with excavated waste from a tropical landfill in Colombia. The experimental evaluation was performed in two 115 L bioreactors, one simulating the operation of a landfill with LR, Br2, where the leachate produced was recirculated at a rate of 0.8 L d−1 , and a control system without LR, Br1. Both systems reached stabilisation indicator values on a dry matter (DM) basis for volatile solids VS (<25% DM) and a biochemical methane potential BMP (≤10 mL CH4 g −1 DM). Likewise, towards the end of the experiment, the leachate generated in Br2 reached stabilisation indicator values for BOD5(<100 mg L−1) and the BOD (biological oxygen demand)/COD (chemical oxygen demand) ratio (<0.1). Although the stabilisation criterion for COD was not met in any bioreactor (<200 mg L−1), LR helped to release 19% more oxidisable organic matter in Br2 than in Br1, indicating a reduction in the contaminating potential of the waste in the case of uncontrolled discharges of leachate to the environment. Regarding biogas production, the generation of CH4 in Br2 was more intense and its cumulative production was 34.5% higher than Br1; thus, Br2 achieved CH4 emission rates, indicating waste stabilisation (<1.0 L CH4 m−2 h−1) sooner than Br1, showing an accelerating effect of LR on waste degradation. A carbon mass balance indicated that waste degradation, in terms of the initial total organic carbon mineralisation and the C gas discharge via CH4 , was greater in Br2. These results demonstrate the LR potential to accelerate the stabilisation of a landfill but also to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in final disposal sites where biogas is also captured and utilised for energy production; a key aspect when improving the sustainability of landfill operations in developing countries.
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    Estrategia Educativa Basada en las Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones para la capacitación en Servicios Humanizados al personal de auxiliares de Enfermería en el servicio en salud mental de una IPS de Bogotá
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Maestría en Educación, Bogotá, 2023-08-25) Porras Romero, Álvaro; Ariza Tacha, Cesar Anibal; Moreno Chavez, Carolina; Castiblanco Venegas, Yeismy Amanda
    As part of the educational strategy for humanization based on ICT, medical knowledge and sensitivity are emphasized in health care. Bearing in mind that they are the health professionals who are responsible for treating patients from a human point of view. The importance of training doctors was addressed in medical centers, where people are physically and emotionally vulnerable. Within the strategy development framework, some measurements were made indicating a negative perception of the care received at IPS. Often, there is apathy toward officials or the health system itself. This can be addressed with an educational strategy based on ICT to improve patient satisfaction, care, and well-being. This is how health personnel's previous knowledge was initially characterized. A training strategy for IPS personnel based on ICTs was generated, and patients' perceptions were measured. The results showed substantial improvement, strengthening the personal relationship between the IPS and the patients.
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    Diseño de los procesos de la nueva línea de negocio alcarrito del proyecto marketplace de la empresa Inter rapidísimo S.A., basado en la norma ISO 9001:2008.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería Industrial, Bogotá, 2023-07-31) Riaño Camacho, Paola Andrea; Velasquez Perilla, Pablo Elias
    The company Inter Rapidísimo S.A, which is currently known for providing courier services nationwide with the aim of interconnecting all Colombian municipalities with a fast, economical and safe service. Its objective is to give itself the opportunity to offer its new line of business called Alcarrito to the market, which is a Marketplace that allows small and large entrepreneurs to offer their services or products to increase their sales and obtain new customers. With this new line of business, the recognition and growth of small merchants in the market is sought, in order to contribute to the improvement of the country's economy. This Marketplace offers different payment options such as very fast inter-collaborators, debit or credit card and against payment, so that the person can choose which option is most suitable for the payment of their purchase. The project seeks to identify the processes, manuals, procedures and instructions that are necessary to launch the new business line and carry out the project with good internal and external customer service.
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    Diseño de matriz de control de procesos para el proceso de elaboración de estudios de seguridad de la vinculación de personas a empresas bajo los estándares de la norma ISO9001: 2015.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería Industrial, Bogotá, 2023-08-25) Agray Acuña, Javier Alexis; Niño Peña, Jesús Mauricio
    The quality management system involves different tools that allow controlling and improving the processes that seek to meet the needs of customers through products and/or services. These tools attack specific points of the requirements that the management system demands, in this case, number 8, operation of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which covers planning and control issues, communication with the client, determination of the requirements . , design and development of products and services, type and scope of control, and control of changes.