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    La transformación social en relación a la política pública educativa de las organizaciones asociativas agropecuarias
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Psicología, Pereira, 2022-08) Mosquera Rodas, Jhon Jairo
    The work points out the relationship that Colombia has with America and the world, together with the characteristics of this country, with respect to public educational policy, ending with an analysis in perspective, on the agrarian associations and their importance in the exercise of public policy in the countryside. The method used in the research focuses on descriptive methodology, using instruments such as the Likert scale survey and descriptive analysis centred on the Nash equilibrium proposal. The sample consisted of 144 managers of agricultural associations, and was simple randomised. Finally, the objective of the study was to analyse the process of implementation of the social appropriation of knowledge, in relation to human development, to the values and principles of the social solidarity system in agricultural associations: in comparison with the public criteria that are being developed in Colombia in terms of education, and which affect the entire education system, including the solidarity sector and, of course, agricultural organisations. The conclusion is that it is important to carry out in-depth research in order to improve the way in which policy and public action are intervened, optimising the evaluation of public actions, so that they are efficient over time, both for the education system and for the agricultural organisations that are part of the solidarity sector in Colombia and in the world, on pain of a systematic precariousness of education and solidarity in today's world.
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    Análisis comparativo entre la ansiedad escénica y el desempeño interpretativo en estudiantes de piano de la fundación universitaria bellas artes
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Maestría en Psicología de la Educación, Medellín y Envigado, 2023-05-19) Astwood Campo, Harry Roberto; Tamayo Agudelo, William
    Stage anxiety is one of the most recurrent emotional factors according to the comments of music students and some professional musicians. It could be considered as a challenge to be investigated by experts in the field of psychopedagogy and in pedagogy in general, since it can influence the academic and professional development of the interpreter, in a particular way, as this work addresses in pianist musicians. The Public Musical Stage Anxiety (AEMP) can even determine the performance quality, permanence in the musical world and success during the undergraduate or professional career of the artist. The research points to stage anxiety in piano students at the Medellín's Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes and its relationship with interpretive performance. The sustenance of this transectional-correlational research. This work is based on Barlow's theory of stage anxiety, for this purpose it is supported by the application of the Kenny KMPAI-E Musicians Stage Anxiety Inventory Spanish version. Stage Anxiety in the field of musical performance is described from a set of observable and measurable characteristics. The results obtained in this work show that the symptoms both at a cognitive level and at a physiological level are frequent before, during and after public presentations; likewise, a close relationship between trait anxiety and stage anxiety stands out, although not necessarily its relationship with interpretive performance.
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    Academic stress and adaptation to university life: mediation of cognitive-emotional regulation and social support
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Psicología, Bucaramanga, 2023-01-04) Bedoya Cardona, Erika Yohanna; Restrepo Carvajal, Jorge Emiro; Bedoya Cardona, Erika Yohanna; Cuartas Montoya, Gina Paula; Cassaretto Bardales, Mónica de los Milagros; Vilela Alemán, Yuliana Patty; Bedoya Cardona
    University life involve personal, social, academic, and institu-tional challenges to which the students must adapt not only to achieve aca-demic success but also to guarantee a good physical and mental health dur-ing the career. This period can be influenced by stressful situations that can affect at personal and academic level. The objective of the present study was to determine, through an analysis with structural equations, whether various cognitive-emotional regulation strategies and perceived social sup-port, act as mediators of the effect of stress on adaptation to university life in 555 Colombian university students (437 women, 78.7%) with ages from 16 to 49 years (M = 22.83; SD = 4.774). The results show that the cognitive-emotional regulation strategies positive (Focus and Reappraisal), negative (Rumination, Self-blame and Blaming others) and social support are mediators of the effect of stress on adaptation to university life.
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    Incidencia de las prácticas de inclusión educativa en niños adolescentes Venezolanos en cinco colegios públicos de la ciudad de Bogotá.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Psicología de la educación, Bucaramanga, 2023-01-19) Mulet Tello, Alejandra; Herrera Ortiz, Andrea Ximena; Salamanca Velandia, Sandra Rocio; Calderón Uribe, Magaly
    The migration phenomenon from Venezuela to Colombia has produced consequences within the territory, in social, political, economic and educational areas, which require adaptive and inclusive transformations that allow assisting the migrant population. This research focuses on Venezuelan children and teenagers; its objective is to analyze the educational inclusion practices that have been implemented in 5 public schools in the city of Bogotá, through a qualitative approach, with narrative design, from the experiences of each of the participants, where these practices were evidenced, meeting the needs of this population as they arise, therefore they are not structured in an official document, for the use of the institutions. In the end, as a result of this research, a guide was developed with guidelines that suggest inclusive practices that facilitate this process
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    Prácticas pedagógicas inclusivas orientadas a la prevención del fracaso escolar en estudiantes de la básica primaria de la Institución Educativa Rural San Francisco del Municipio de Caldas.
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Posgrado, Maestría en Psicología de la Educación, Medellín y Envigado, 2022-12-20) Ocampo Cortés, Sandra; Ángela María Martínez Chaparro
    School failure has been studied from different perspectives, being a polysemic concept related to the role of the school as a space for integration and inclusion. In current research, there is a direct relationship between the role of the teacher, pedagogical planning and school climate in the attention and prevention of school failure. Teachers start working with children with great enthusiasm, but as time goes by this attitude deteriorates, there is frustration because the progress and rewards they obtain do not meet their expectations. In this sense, the current study is presented with the function of investigating the pedagogical practices and their relationship with school failure in elementary school children of the San Francisco Rural Educational Institution of the Municipality of Caldas. The study employed a qualitative design of phenomenological type with the use of a non-probabilistic sample by convenience. The data collection techniques used, semi-structured interview, focus group and documentary review allow approaching the inclusive pedagogical experience of the teachers of the educational Institution. The analysis plan focused on a qualitative content analysis (thematic type) with the support of Atlas ti software. From the qualitative analysis, the relationship was established between the specific objectives of the project and the results obtained in the data collection, which show that school failure in the educational institution is associated with behavioral and family problems, social, economic and political vulnerability and the absence of academic achievement; where teachers through cooperative learning address school failure, largely achieving participation and integration of children in the classroom
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    Circunstancias que influyen en el embarazo de adolescentes (12 A 17 años) en la ciudad de Bucaramanga y su Área Metropolitana
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Psicología, Bucaramanga, 2022-11-18) Duarte Duarte, Lizeth Tatiana; Sarmiento Millan, Karen Yulessy
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    Estrategias de lectura en personas sordas: una revisión narrativa de literatura
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Psicología, Maestría en Psicología de la Educación, Medellín-Envigado, 2022-11-04) Muñoz Posada, Emeling Katerine; Hernández Serna, Diana Patricia; Zambrano Cruz, Renato
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    Estrategias pedagógicas que permiten fortalecer las prácticas de ciudadanía cultural con adolescentes
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Psicología, Maestría en Psicología de la Educación, Medellín, 2021-11-03) Cardona Botero, Sor Mónica María; Hernández Montaño, Bárbara María; Gil Ramírez, Nora Elena; Martínez Chaparro, Ángela María
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    Factores asociados al éxito o fracaso de un programa de intervención neuropsicopedagógica con niños y niñas de primaria con necesidades educativas especiales
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Psicología, Maestría en Psicología de la Educación, Medellín, 2021-10-12) Mena Mena, Ximena; Cuartas Montoya, Gina Paula; Restrepo Carvajal, Jorge Emiro
    This research exercise seeks to analyze the factors associated with the success or failure of a neuropsychopedagogical intervention program with primary school children with Special Educational Needs who attend the Caritas Felices Pedagogical and Psychotherapeutic Support Center.The research was developed under the quantitative approach, the level that was taken into account was the descriptive, the non-experimental type and it was considered cross-sectional. The survey was carried out as a technique and the questionnaire as an instrument . The results show the family, school and social factors that lead to the success or failure of a neuropsychopedagogical intervention program with children with Special Educational Needs. The constant and fluid dialogue between the school and the family constitutes a factor for the success of the processes that are carried out in favor of the boys and girls with Special Educational Needs, since they pursue the same objective, which is to train men and women for life.
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    Relación entre memoria de trabajo auditiva, velocidad de procesamiento y conciencia fonológica en función del desempeño ortográfico
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Maestría en Psicología de la Educación, Medellín y Envigado, 2020-10-16) Quiroz Serna, Leidy; Urrego Quintero, Fanny Patricia; Zambrano Cruz, Renato
    The orthography understood as a linguistic and cognitive activity carried out by a subject, in order to correctly use the graphic units of a language, constitutes a fundamental element within the written expression, since it allows an effective and unambiguous communication between the issuer and the receiver. However, failures are found in both standardized tests and teacher reports about the written performance of school children. We have sought to establish the reason for these failures, with the auditory working memory and phonological awareness being some of the cognitive aspects mostly involved, followed by semantic and orthographic components. The present article is aimed at determining the relationship between auditory work memory, processing speed and phonological awareness with spelling performance.