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    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, 2022-11-30) Martín-Carbonell, Marta; Espejo, Begonya; Checa, Irene
    In recent decades, the classical methods of studying the psychometric properties of tests have advanced to evolve into new innovative statistical methods, which allows obtaining a new view of the data. In this sense, progress has been made in the use of item response theory and in the use of structural equation models. Likewise, classical statistical inference methods have advanced in hypothesis testing and Bayesian statistics is rapidly making its way both in experimental studies and in psychometric studies. The aim of this issue has been to contribute to the dissemination of new research methodologies in quantitative and qualitative analysis in Psychology, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness and advantages of the new methods compared to classic psychometric tools and methods.
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    Circular Resolución Rectoral 2175 de febrero del 2019
    (Especialización en Gerencia de la Calidad y Auditoría en Salud, 2019-07-17) Mauricio Morales Saldarriaga
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    Marco regulatorio del derecho de autor en Colombia Complementado y actualizado según la Ley 1915 de 2018
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Derecho, Derecho, Bogotá, 2020-10-28) Barreto Granada, Piedad Lucía; Carlos Alberto, Ortiz López; Wilson Libardo, Peña Melendez; Diana Alexandra, Varon Cardenas
    Copyright is part of those sectors subject to a complex condition of variability marked by new creations and their effects on the market, by debates on the commodification of works versus the cultural value they have, by the effects of a globalized world in which guaranteeing the protection of works and at the same time obtaining the best of the benefits is a challenge in which actors from different disciplines and sectors have an interest. In this scenario, this book offers an approach to copyright from the constitutional, civil, criminal, disciplinary, and international aspects, and for each of these views, the doctrinal, legal, and jurisprudential references are basic elements in the exercise of providing a complete, updated text and, in this sense, a useful tool for people of different backgrounds who understand the importance and transversal nature and impact of adequate knowledge of the copyright regulatory framework to strengthen the processes of creation, protection, diffusion and commercialization of works.
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    El contrato de licencia Una herramienta flexible para la transferencia de tecnologías
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Derecho, Derecho, Bogotá, 2020-04-30) Barreto Granada, Piedad Lucía
    This research book aims to analyze technology transfer contracts in two directions: firstly, in a general framework that assesses the characteristics of the globalized trade scenario and, secondly, from the in-depth review of the licensing agreement. This study justifies recognizing that technology is an engine of development, and not a mere generator of wealth, so it is essential to measure its impact and transformative force in society. Reviewing the relationship between technology as a source of transformation, the market as a space for the international traffic of intangible goods and law as a regulatory framework is necessary to interpret the way in which this context permeates the business relationships on intangible assets. The development of the themes is divided into two large parts. The first, The Market for Intangible Goods, addresses aspects related to competition law and intellectual property and provides an introduction to the subject of contracts. The second part, The license agreement for the transfer of intangible goods, explains in detail the figure of the "license contract", to finally close with the registration of contracts for the transfer of technology imported into Colombia. Within the findings, contracts have become more flexible and open to give way to self-regulation and the use of a variety of atypical figures, and thus make possible the circulation of intangibles in a globalized world. From this it is concluded that in the processes of construction of the agreements, when their realization is negotiated, they must be valued not to only the inter-party interests, but also the influence of new regulators, territorial areas of free competition and a variety of aspects that make the realization of a contract an artisanal work.
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    Ethanol Production, Current Facts, Future Scenarios, and Techno-Economic Assessment of Different Biorefinery Configurations
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, campus Pasto. Ingeniería Industrial, 2021) Coral Medina, Jesús David; Antonio, Magalhaes
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    Factores determinantes del proceso de creación y consolidación de empresas. Una perspectiva social y económica del emprendimiento empresarial
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia; Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, Administrativas y Afines; Campus Medellín, 2022-07-01) Arango Benjumea, Jhon Jaime
    Entrepreneurship has been established as a social and economic alternative that promotes the creation and consolidation of new companies in various business contexts. According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) the term entrepreneur derives from the Spanish word undertake, which comes from the Latin in, en, and prendere, and means to undertake and start a work, company or effort, especially if it involves difficulty or danger. The word was defined for the first time in the RAE's Dictionary of Authorities of 1732, as someone who undertakes or is determined to do and execute, with resolution and commitment, some considerable and arduous operation.
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    Las humanidades médicas desde la perspectiva de estudiantes de medicina
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud, Medicina, Medellín y Envigado, 2022-10-10) Estrada Mesa, Diego Alejandro; Cardona Arias, Jaiberth Antonio
    The medical humanities have been constituted in the last fifty years as a heterogeneous field of disciplines that intends to have a significant impact on medical training. The empirical works in Latin America about the role of medical humanities, the areas that these integrate, the knowledge that compose them, as well as the conceptions and meanings that exist in front of them, are meager. Therefore, this research answers the question: what are the meanings, conceptions and practices related to medical humanities in medical students of a Colombian university located in the city of Medellín? His response allowed us to make a diagnosis of the environment that exists in relation with the knowledge that is not part of the basic, clinical and medical sciences, but at the same time is essential in its formation. In addition, it offers curricular alternatives around the humanities, to correct problematic situations revealed in the results. A mixed study was conducted, articulating findings of a qualitative approach oriented by the analytical options of Strauss’s grounded theory, and an observational quantitative design with psychometric evaluation of a scale. This design allowed us to conclude that, despite the advances of the medical humanities in the last 50 years, meanings, conceptions and ontologies of the social in health of the 1970s predominate. This constitutes an obstacle to the progress on different fronts such as the patient’s preferences in evidence-based medicine, the explanation of the etiology of health-illness from social determinants of health, person-centered medicine, humanized care, among other discourses, currents or paradigms relevant in the contemporaneity that in this population only appear as a rhetoric devoid of practical or everyday meaning.
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    Uncertainty and Operations Research
    (Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, 2020-10-01) Mosquera Laverde, William Eduardo
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    This research project seeks to analyze whether the implementation of the national program of justice houses and citizen coexistence centers has been accepted and well received by the community in which it is operating, seeking social acceptance based on local development initiatives, implementing it from the national program house of justice and coexistence center of the city of montería In this paper we analyze not only the degree of community acceptance but also whether the program has influenced significantly in the Generation of Local Development Initiatives and whether there has been or not a reduction in Violation of Rights of the community receiving Program houses of Justice. As it will be necessary How to use instruments Accurate diagnosis and facilitate research Task Development Goals esta proposed research to be conducted descriptive, Argumentation through a strong and well structured.
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    crowfunding inmobiliario en México, España y Argentina
    (universidad cooperativa de Colombia, sede Bogotá, 2022-06-01) Martinez Espitia, Maycol Esteban; Barreto Granada, Piedad Lucia
    The aim is to identify, describe and analyze the operation and experiences of real estate crowdfunding platforms in Mexico, Spain and Argentina, as a new model based on the financing of large projects, which have to stand out because they are considered promising and highly successful. As a method for the research of the same, several studies about the implementation, policies and experiences of real estate crowdfunding, both in Mexico, Spain and Argentina, identified through a search or literature review in scopus, as well as exploratory research in each of the corresponding pages are reviewed. the results show the great importance of the same, as it is understood as a breakthrough in financing, since it was customary to see projects for financing, but not of the same magnitude that date these projects. In conclusion, it is possible to observe the great boom and the importance that is taking such platforms of financing of macro projects, as the real estate crowdfunding, because according to the momentum that since its creation has had, it has managed to establish itself as one of the largest types of crowdfunding in terms of the degree of investment, and the realization of the projects planned for it.