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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Antiviral molecules correlate with vitamin D pathway genes and are associated with natural resistance to HIV-1 infectionAguilar-Jimenez W.; Zapata Builes, Wildeman; Rugeles M.T.
2013Biochemical and biological characterization of two serine proteinases from Colombian Crotalus durissus cumanensis snake venomPatiño A.C.; Pereañez, Jaime Andrés; Gutiérrez J.M.; Rucavado A.
2014Comparison of mental health between individuals with spinal cord injury and able-bodied controls in Neiva, ColombiaHarper L.A.; Coleman J.A.; Perrin P.B.; Olivera S.L.; Perdomo, Jose Libardo; Arango J.A.; Arango-Lasprilla J.C.
2020Dental Anomalies in Permanent Teeth Associated With Nonsyndromic Cleft Lip and Palate in a Group of Colombian ChildrenYezioro-Rubinsky S.; Eslava-Schmalbach J.H.; Otero L.; Rodríguez-Aguirre S.A.; Duque Á.M.; Campos Charris, Flora Maria; Gómez J.P.; Gómez-Arango S.; Posso-Moreno S.L.; Rojas N.E.; Garzón-Orjuela N.
2019Evaluation of an alternative indirect-ELISA test using in vitro-propagated Trypanosoma brucei brucei whole cell lysate as antigen for the detection of anti-Trypanosoma evansi IgG in Colombian livestockJaimes Dueñez, Jeiczon Elim; Zapata-Zapata C.; Triana-Chávez O.; Mejía-Jaramillo A.M.
2013Extraction and partial characterization of venom from the Colombian spider Pamphobeteus aff. nigricolor (Aranae:Theraphosidae)Estrada-Gomez S.; Vargas Muñoz, Leidy Johana; Quintana Castillo, Juan Carlos
2018Geometrical study of astrocytomas through fractals and scaling analysisTorres Hoyos, Francisco Jose; Baena Navarro, Ruben Enrique; Vergara Villadiego, Juan Raul; Guerrero Martelo, Manuel Francisco
2013HIV-1 induces the first signal to activate the NLRP3 inflammasome in monocyte-derived macrophagesHernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Latz E.; Urcuqui-Inchima S.
2016HIV-1-derived single-stranded RNA acts as activator of human neutrophilsGiraldo D.M.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Urcuqui-Inchima S.
2016HIV-1-exposed seronegative individuals show alteration in TLR expression and pro-inflammatory cytokine production ex vivo: An innate immune quiescence status?Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; St Laurent G.; Iii; Urcuqui-Inchima S.
2016HIV-1–neutrophil interactions trigger neutrophil activation and Toll-like receptor expressionGiraldo D.M.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Velilla P.; Urcuqui-Inchima S.
2019HLA in Colombia Wayu from Guajira Peninsula Amerindians: Pacific Ocean relationships.Antonio Arnaiz-Villena; Jose Palacio-Grüber; Ignacio Juarez; Diego Rey; Jorge Martínez-Laso; Adrián López-Nares; Hernandez Aguirre, Enio Armando; Jose Manuel Martin-Villa; Carlos Silvera
2018HLA in North Colombia Chimila Amerindians.Arnaiz Villena, Antonio; Palacio Grüber, Jose; Juarez, Ignacio; Hernandez Aguirre, Enio Armando; Muñiz, Ester; Bayona, Brayan; Camposa, Cristina; Nietoa, Jorge; Martin Villa, Manuel; Silvera, Carlos
2016Identification of innate immune antiretroviral factors during in vivo and in vitro exposure to HIV-1Zapata Builes, Wildeman; Aguilar-Jiménez W.; Feng Z.; Weinberg A.; Russo A.; Potenza N.; Estrada H.; Rugeles M.T.
2016Particular activation phenotype of T cells expressing HLA-DR but not CD38 in GALT from HIV-controllers is associated with immune regulation and delayed progression to AIDSGonzalez S.M.; Taborda N.A.; Correa L.A.; Castro G.A.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Montoya C.J.; Rugeles M.T.
2016Proteomic profile of human monocytic cells infected with dengue virusMartínez-Betancur V.; Martinez Gutierrez, Marlen
2018Quantitative profiling of the UGT transcriptome in human drug-metabolizing tissues.Tourancheau, A; Rouleau, M; Guauque Olarte, Sandra Milena; Villeneuve, L; Gilbert, I; Droit, A; Guillemette, C
2019Study of cervical cancer through fractals and a method of clustering based on quantum mechanicsTorres Hoyos, Francisco Jose; Martín-Landrove M.; Baena Navarro, Ruben Enrique; Vergara Villadiego, Juan Raul; Cardenas J.C.
2018Study of Colombia North Wiwa El Encanto Amerindians HLA- genes: Pacific Islanders relatednessArnaiz-Villena A.; Palacio-Grüber J.; Juarez I.; Muñiz E.; Hernandez Aguirre, Enio Armando; Bayona B.; Campos C.; Nuñez J.; Lopez-Nares A.; Martin-Villa M.; Silvera C.
2012Vitamin C supplementation does not improve hypoxia-induced erythropoiesisMartínez Bello, Daniel Adyro; Sanchis-Gomar F.; Martinez-Bello D.; Olaso-Gonzalez G.; Gomez-Cabrera M.C.; Viña J.