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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Mar-2020Caracterización de componentes fisiológicos electrocardiográficos en felinos clínicamente sanos de la ciudad de Ibagué - TolimaSánchez Núñez, María Alejandra; Sanmiguel Plazas, Rosa Angelica
2014Differential replication of dengue virus serotypes 2 and 3 in coinfections of C6/36 cells and Aedes aegypti mosquitoesQuintero-Gil D.C.; Ospina M.; Osorio-Benitez J.E.; Martinez Gutierrez, Marlen
2014Extracurricular factors influence perceived stress in a large cohort of Colombian dental studentsDivaris K.; Polychronopoulou A.; Villa-Torres L.; Mafla Chamorro, Ana Cristina; Moya G.A.; González-Martínez F.; Vila-Sierra L.A.; Fortich-Mesa N.; Gomez Scarpeta, Ruth Angela; Duque-Restrepo L.M.
2016High dose CD11c-driven IL15 is sufficient to drive NK cell maturation and anti-tumor activity in a trans-presentation independent mannerPolansky J.K.; Bahri R.; Divivier M.; Duitman E.H.; Vock C.; Goyeneche Patiño, Diego Andres; Orinska Z.; Bulfone-Paus S.
2018HIV replication is associated to inflammasomes activation, IL-1ß, IL-18 and caspase-1 expression in GALT and peripheral bloodFeria M.G.; Taborda N.A.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Rugeles M.T.
2017Human macrophages differentiated in the presence of vitamin D3restrict dengue virus infection and innate responses by downregulating mannose receptor expressionArboleda Alzate J.F.; Rodenhuis-Zybert I.A.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Smit J.M.; Urcuqui-Inchima S.
2015Induced reproduction and early development histology of Oscar Astronotus ocellatus (Agassiz, 1831)Do Carmo Faria Paes M.; Makino L.C.; Avendaño Vasquez, Leonardo; Fernandes J.B.K.; Valentin F.N.; Nakaghi L.S.O.
2018Lingual function in children with anterior open bite: A case-control studyBotero Mariaca, Paola Maria; Sierra Alzate, Valentina; Rueda Z.V.; Gonzalez D.
2012Micropatterned silica thin films with nanohydroxyapatite micro-aggregates for guided tissue regenerationCarvalho A.; Pelaez Vargas, Alejandro; Gallego-Perez D.; Grenho L.; Fernandes M.H.; De Aza A.H.; Ferraz M.P.; Hansford D.J.; Monteiro F.J.
2015Prevalence of dyslalias in 8 to 16 year-old students with anterior open bite in the municipality of Envigado, ColombiaOcampo Parra, Paola; Escobar Toro, Bibiana; Sierra Alzate, Valentina; Rueda Z.V.; Lema, María Clara
2018Quantitative profiling of the UGT transcriptome in human drug-metabolizing tissues.Tourancheau, A; Rouleau, M; Guauque Olarte, Sandra Milena; Villeneuve, L; Gilbert, I; Droit, A; Guillemette, C