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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Antiviral molecules correlate with vitamin D pathway genes and are associated with natural resistance to HIV-1 infectionAguilar-Jimenez W.; Zapata Builes, Wildeman; Rugeles M.T.
2014Differential replication of dengue virus serotypes 2 and 3 in coinfections of C6/36 cells and Aedes aegypti mosquitoesQuintero-Gil D.C.; Ospina M.; Osorio-Benitez J.E.; Martinez Gutierrez, Marlen
2016High dose CD11c-driven IL15 is sufficient to drive NK cell maturation and anti-tumor activity in a trans-presentation independent mannerPolansky J.K.; Bahri R.; Divivier M.; Duitman E.H.; Vock C.; Goyeneche Patiño, Diego Andres; Orinska Z.; Bulfone-Paus S.
2015High expression of antiviral proteins in mucosa from individuals exhibiting resistance to human immunodeficiency virusGonzalez S.M.; Taborda N.A.; Feria M.G.; Arcia D.; Aguilar-Jiménez W.; Zapata Builes, Wildeman; Rugeles M.T.
2016High-throughput sequencing reveals circulating miRNAs as potential biomarkers of kidney damage in patients with systemic lupus erythematosusNavarro-Quiroz E.; Pacheco-Lugo L.; Lorenzi H.; Díaz-Olmos Y.; Almendrales L.; Rico E.; Navarro Quiroz, Roberto Carlos; España-Puccini P.; Iglesias A.; Egea E.; Aroca G.
2018HIV replication is associated to inflammasomes activation, IL-1ß, IL-18 and caspase-1 expression in GALT and peripheral bloodFeria M.G.; Taborda N.A.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Rugeles M.T.
2016HIV-1-exposed seronegative individuals show alteration in TLR expression and pro-inflammatory cytokine production ex vivo: An innate immune quiescence status?Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; St Laurent G.; Iii; Urcuqui-Inchima S.
2016HIV-1–neutrophil interactions trigger neutrophil activation and Toll-like receptor expressionGiraldo D.M.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Velilla P.; Urcuqui-Inchima S.
2019HLA in Colombia Wayu from Guajira Peninsula Amerindians: Pacific Ocean relationships.Antonio Arnaiz-Villena; Jose Palacio-Grüber; Ignacio Juarez; Diego Rey; Jorge Martínez-Laso; Adrián López-Nares; Hernandez Aguirre, Enio Armando; Jose Manuel Martin-Villa; Carlos Silvera
2018HLA in North Colombia Chimila Amerindians.Arnaiz Villena, Antonio; Palacio Grüber, Jose; Juarez, Ignacio; Hernandez Aguirre, Enio Armando; Muñiz, Ester; Bayona, Brayan; Camposa, Cristina; Nietoa, Jorge; Martin Villa, Manuel; Silvera, Carlos
2017Human macrophages differentiated in the presence of vitamin D3restrict dengue virus infection and innate responses by downregulating mannose receptor expressionArboleda Alzate J.F.; Rodenhuis-Zybert I.A.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Smit J.M.; Urcuqui-Inchima S.
2019Molecular characterization of dengue virus reveals regional diversification of serotype 2 in ColombiaLaiton-Donato K.; Alvarez D.A.; Peláez-Carvajal D.; Mercado M.; Ajami N.J.; Bosch I.; Usme Ciro, Jose Aldemar
2014NAT2 gene polymorphisms in three indigenous groups in the Colombian Caribbean Coast regionArias I.; Lecompte N.; Visbal L.; Curiel I.; Hernandez Aguirre, Enio Armando; Garavito P.; Silvera-Redondo C.
2019Phenotypic and genetic characterization of tomato mutants provides new insights into leaf development and its relationship to agronomic traitsMarybel Jáquez-Gutiérrez; Atarés, Alejandro; Pineda, Benito; Angarita Diaz, Maria Del Pilar; Ribelles, Carlos; Begoña García, Sogo; Sánchez López, Jorge; Moreno, Vicente
2019Prevalence and molecular typing of rotavirus in children with acute diarrhoea in Northeastern Colombia.Martinez Gutierrez, Marlen; Arcila Quiceno, Victor Hernan; Trejos-Suarez, Juanita; Ruiz Saenz, Julian
2016Protection against Schistosoma mansoni infection using a Fasciola hepatica-derived fatty acid binding protein from different delivery systemsVicente B.; López-Abán J.; Rojas Caraballo, Jose Vicente; Del Olmo E.; Fernández-Soto P.; Muro A.
2018Quantitative profiling of the UGT transcriptome in human drug-metabolizing tissues.Tourancheau, A; Rouleau, M; Guauque Olarte, Sandra Milena; Villeneuve, L; Gilbert, I; Droit, A; Guillemette, C
2018Study of Colombia North Wiwa El Encanto Amerindians HLA- genes: Pacific Islanders relatednessArnaiz-Villena A.; Palacio-Grüber J.; Juarez I.; Muñiz E.; Hernandez Aguirre, Enio Armando; Bayona B.; Campos C.; Nuñez J.; Lopez-Nares A.; Martin-Villa M.; Silvera C.
2016Untangling the transmission dynamics of primary and secondary vectors of Trypanosoma cruzi in Colombia: Parasite infection, feeding sources and discrete typing unitsHernández C.; Salazar C.; Brochero H.; Teherán A.; Buitrago L.S.; Vera M.; Soto H.; Florez-Rivadeneira Z.; Ardila S.; Parra Henao, Gabriel Jaime; Ramírez J.D.