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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Sep-2019A systematic mapping study of micro-grid architecturesMera Paz, Julián Andrés; Colmenares Quintero, Ramón Fernando; Maestre Gongóra, Gina Paola
Mar-2021Application of a simulation tool based on a bio-inspired algorithm for optimisation of distributed power generation systemsColmenares-Quintero, Ramón Fernando; Góez-Sánchez, German David; Colmenares-Quintero, Juan Carlos; Latorre-Noguera, Luis Fernando; Kasperczyk, Damian
31-Mar-2020Assessment of biofuels production in ColombiaColmenares Quintero, Ramón Fernando; Rico-Cruz, Camilo José; Stansfield, Kim E.; Colmenares Quintero, Juan Carlos
25-May-2021Big Data Analytics in Smart Grids for Renewable Energy Networks: Systematic Review of Information and Communication Technology ToolsColmenares-Quintero, Ramón Fernando; Quiroga-Parra, Dario de jesus; Rojas, Natalia; Stansfield, Kim E.; Colmenares-Quintero, Juan Carlos
9-Feb-2020Community perceptions, beliefs and acceptability of renewable energies projects: A systematic mapping studyColmenares Quintero, Ramón Fernando; Benavides-Castillo, Juliana Maria; Rojas, Natalia; Stansfield, Kim E.
19-Oct-2020Industry and academia partnership for aquatic renewable energy development in Colombia: A knowledge-education transfer model from the United Kingdom to ColombiaColmenares Quintero, Ramón Fernando; Rojas, Natalia; Kerr, Sandy; Caicedo Concha, Diana Milena
28-Jan-2019Trajectory optimization of an innovative-turbofan-powered aircraft based on particle swarm approach for low environmental impactColmenares Quintero, Ramón Fernando; Góez Sánchez, Germán David; Colmenares Quintero, Juan Carlos