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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Differential Expression of Toll-like Receptors in Dendritic Cells of Patients with Dengue during Early and Late Acute Phases of the DiseaseTorres S.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Giraldo D.; Arboleda M.; Rojas M.; Smit J.M.; Urcuqui-Inchima S.
2016Efeito imunomodulador de nanopartículas usadas na nanomedicina] [Efecto inmunomodulador de nanoparticulas usadas en nanomedicinaGomez Gallego, Diana Maryory; Urcuqui-Inchima S.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos
2012HIV type 1 infection up-regulates TLR2 and TLR4 expression and function in vivo and in vitroHernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Stevenson M.; Latz E.; Urcuqui-Inchima S.
2013HIV-1 induces the first signal to activate the NLRP3 inflammasome in monocyte-derived macrophagesHernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Latz E.; Urcuqui-Inchima S.
2016HIV-1-derived single-stranded RNA acts as activator of human neutrophilsGiraldo D.M.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Urcuqui-Inchima S.
2016HIV-1-exposed seronegative individuals show alteration in TLR expression and pro-inflammatory cytokine production ex vivo: An innate immune quiescence status?Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; St Laurent G.; Iii; Urcuqui-Inchima S.
2016HIV-1–neutrophil interactions trigger neutrophil activation and Toll-like receptor expressionGiraldo D.M.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Velilla P.; Urcuqui-Inchima S.
2017Human macrophages differentiated in the presence of vitamin D3restrict dengue virus infection and innate responses by downregulating mannose receptor expressionArboleda Alzate J.F.; Rodenhuis-Zybert I.A.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Smit J.M.; Urcuqui-Inchima S.
2017Inflamação e resposta imune inata: Partici­pação das lipoproteínas de altadensidade] [Inflamación y respuesta inmune innata: Participación de las lipoproteínas de alta densidadMarin Palma, Leidy Damariz; Taborda N.A.; Urcuqui-Inchima S.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos
2015Involvement of neutrophil hyporesponse and the role of toll-like receptors in human immunodeficiency virus 1 protectionHernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Giraldo D.M.; Paul S.; Urcuqui-Inchima S.
2018Lower high-density lipoproteins levels during human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection are associated with increased inflammatory markers and disease progressionMarin Palma, Leidy Damariz; Castro G.A.; Cardona Arias, Jaiberth Antonio; Urcuqui-Inchima S.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos
2018Modulación de los niveles de lipoproteínas de alta densidad y las citoquinas il-1ß e il-6 en pacientes con dengueBarrientos-Arenas E.; Henao-García V.; Giraldo D.M.; Cardona M.M.; Urcuqui-Inchima S.; Castaño J.C.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos
2017Papel de las células dendríticas en la infección por el virus dengue: Blancos de replicación y respuesta inmuneMartínez J.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Urcuqui-Inchima S.
2017Silica nanoparticles induce NLRP3 inflammasome activation in human primary immune cellsGomez Gallego, Diana Maryory; Urcuqui-Inchima S.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos
2014Stimulation of TLRs, Nod-like receptors and Dectin-1 in neutrophils induces the production of proinflammatory cytokinesMartínez Moreno J.A.; Hernandez Lopez, Juan Carlos; Urcuqui-Inchima S.